Gryffindor Vs Slytherin: Win Free Rewards Participating In The Hogwarts Legacy House Cup

If you know the Harry Potter universe, you know that usually every school year, the four houses compete throughout the year to add as many points and get the Cup.
PlayStation players will also be able to do this in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defend your home on PlayStation

This is great news for all our witches and witches.
Whether it’s Gryffindor, Slytherin, Lavender or even Hufflepuff, you can defend your home flags through Hogwarts Legacy, whether on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

How to make?
Well, you just have to log in through the PlayStation website, insert the logs of your PSN account and click on Join the House Cup.


From there, you will see that you will have several missions to be completed, the first being simply choosing your home and the second, for example, watching the Hogwarts Legacy trailer.
After that, you will also have questions (quite simple, don’t worry), so you just have to wait until the deadline: next Feuary 16th.
Here are all the questions:
Choose your home
Watch the trailer
Quiz: When does Hogwarts Legacy story happen?
Quiz: What do all the stones of this castle reveal?
(ends on Feuary 3, 2023)
Watch the trailer (available on Feuary 1st)
Visit the pre-sale page
Domestic attribute research
What do you expect most from Hogwarts Legacy?
(ends on Feuary 10)
See the blog
Quiz: Which potion should you use to change your voice?
Watch the trailer
Pre-regular quiz of luxury and collector editions

Main Rewards

Wizards who win the World Cup will receive digital items for the game, but rest assured, the other houses will also have rewards.
Apparently it will be an exclusive avatar in the game, but we will know more soon.
It is likely even if there are additional awards.

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