High on Life entthront Minecraft als beliebtestes Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft is the most popular game on Game Pass, and we’re really glad to see High on Life join the platform as well. So far, it’s off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see what it’s like when it launches in full next year!

High on Life is a beginner to the Xbox Video Game Pass, but that didn’t stop it from doing the difficult.
Minecraft has long been the most popular video game on Video game Pass, but a minimum of at the moment the soothing sandbox game takes a back seat.
Squinch Games has reached the top, and High on Life baskets in the popularity of the Video game Pass.
The humor of the crazy FPS experience, which comes from Rick & Morty-Mitschöfer Justin Roland, is not for everybody, as The PC gamer 24 shows in our High up on Life evaluation.
Nevertheless, the appeal of the game impacts others, such as
B. Gaming News Account ‘Benji-Sales notes that High up on Life Minecraft has actually overtaken to end up being the most popular video game No. 1 on Video Game Pass.
The video game conquers multiplayer and live service giants like Fora Horizon 5 and has turned into one of the biggest success of Game Pass.
I am now rather positive that High up on Life is the greatest introduction of Video game Pass Day 1 in 2022, states Benji-Sales.
While Microsoft still has to confirm 100 % whether this holds true with any type of honorary post, the previous record holder for the greatest video game Pass start went to Fora Horizon 5. Like the popular racer, Minecraft is a primary title for brand-new and die-hard Xbox
-Gamer stayed.


The range of complimentary video games for the Xbox Game Pass December 2022 is rather strong, so it is a surprise that high on life dominates the charts.
High on life is not precisely a common FPS, so you need our walkthrough from High on Life to reach completion.

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