Fortnite x My Hero Academia Crossover Adds New Skins, Item Shop Update

It’s been a long time coming, but Fortnite’s crossover with the hit anime My Hero Academia is finally here! To celebrate the release of season 2 for the series, Fortnite has added new skins and items to their already massive selection.

Fortnite’s My Hero Academic community crossover is now live in the video game with the brand-new cosmetics readily available in the Item Store.

There are the products for your Locker, however there’s likewise the DEU’s Smash product on the Battle Royale Island. Utilize the power of ‘One For All’ and unleash an effective punch to take down structures and challengers, a sneak peek of this brand-new My Hero Academia item stated.

The 4 main skins comprising this collaboration go to Izuku Midoriyama, All May, Katsuki Bakugo, and Chico Granada. Each of them have their own accessories like pickaxes and back beings to enhance their appearances with players able to acquire those things separately or as bundles.

Fortnite’s My Hero Academic community teasers concerned fruition today with new My Hero Academic community skins and other cosmetics contributed to the Product Store. These include skins for characters like DEU, naturally, in addition to devices for he and other clothing to equip, however the collaboration likewise features an in-game item players can utilize against their challengers similar to things like Roku’s Kamehameha or lightsabers from Star Wars. These cosmetics are in the Item Store now, but they won’t stay there indefinitely, so make sure to inspect them out before they rotate out of the store.


Purchasing things from the Item Shop is the most direct method to get the Hero Academic community gear, however there are other methods, too. There’s a Hero Training Fitness center that can be accessed through the island code 6917-7775-5190, and if you complete the quests connected with that island, you’ll get some sprays, an emote, and a back bling.

If you desire to be a Pro Hero, you need to be able to prevail in battle. All May is here to help. All May is dropping loot all over the Island with a smile, so keep an eye out for the fancy All Might Supply Drop falling from the sky!

When it comes to the gameplay impact of this crossover, it’s seen in two parts: A brand-new offensive item modeled after DEU’s capabilities in addition to the occasional supply drop from All Might himself.

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