Epic Games Starts Epic Developer Community Korean Language Support

Epic developer community, a new global community site for Unreal Engine and digital creation, will be available in Korean.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Sung-Chul Park), an Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol), a global game developer, Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creation Ecosystem, is Epic Developer Community (EDC), a new global community site of Unreal Engine.
It announced on the 16th that it will start supporting Korean language for UI and learning lectures.


EDC is a global community site that can be open and mutually involved at the launch of Unreal Engine 5 in April, and is based on Epic Games’ vision to build an open digital creative ecosystem that provides everything that creators need.

Any developer and creators who are interested in creating unreal engine and Real Time 3D content can easily find various resources and contents in one place, as well as to create contents containing their own knowledge and know-how on the site and share it with the community.

EDC is largely composed of learning, forums, and snippet sections, providing Korean UI.

In the learning section, various libraries such as courses, tutorials, and tech talks are provided.
In the forum section, you can search for knowledge-based materials or to help you produce your work through question and answer with global community members.
In the Sniper section, you can save your own settings or share it with the global community to help create works by other creators.

In addition to Unreal Engine, EDC will add resources to various products that make up Epic Games ‘ecosystems such as capture reality, to provide integrated information necessary for creators’ digital creation.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, I am pleased to support Korean to the Epic Developer Community site, which many creators have been waiting for.
I hope you will get a lot of inspiration for the work developed through active exchanges with other creators, such as tutorial production or sharing of snippet.

More information on EDC can be found in the Epic Games community.

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