Win An Awesome Home Theater System And A Blu-Ray Pack With The Halloween Ends Competition

With the release of Halloween Ends, we are giving away two Blu-ray packages with Halloween and Halloween Kills, as well as two iTunes vouchers at the end of the series. Enjoy your chance to win!

Xmas: The time of consideration and also quitting.
It only gets truly cozy in the cool parlor when the cold shower does not come from the icy cold levels over the back, yet from a pleasurable scary action.
Besides, Halloween as well as Christmas are close sufficient that you can also consider all horror movie standards without a guilty principle at the turn of the year.
The makers of Halloween End (buy currently) have also assumed of this as well as, in maintaining with the New Year’s Blues, completion of the Halloween trilogy showed up electronically on December 15 as well as on Blu-ray and also DVD on December 29.
With us, you currently have the chance to dust all 3 films and also take a look at the story of Michael Myers in the total plan from January.
If you missed what the ends of Halloween, we have the official summary of the movie for you:
In the stressful conclusion of the fabulous scary cult film collection of perpetuity, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) encounters the human Myers for the last time.
After the events in Halloween Kills, Michael had actually dipped for four years.
Laurie tape-recorded her granddaughter Alyson (And Match) and also made a decision to leave concern and anger behind as well as enjoy life.
When a young man is accused of murdering a little kid during childcare, a cascade of violence as well as horror is released.
These films not just combine Xmas with scary, however additionally destroy your youth heroes:
The grin Xmas is actually destroying this time around
Bambi earnings the murder of his mother
Winnie The Pooh no more feels like honey
At the residence theatrical launch of Halloween Ends, we are handing out an iTunes coupon for the last part of the trilogy, in addition to the two previous movies Halloween and also Halloween Eliminates on Blu-ray.

We are distributing one coupon along with a Blu-ray plan using the competition type and once through the forum.
Competitor invites…

So you participate in the competitors

In order to take part in the competitors, join the kind and/or create us in the forum which horror movies you favor to allow you run during winter season.
You have time until January 1st, after which the champions will certainly be drawn and notified by random treatment.


All data we accumulate are only made use of for the objective of the competitors and after that removed again.
Note our basic competition problems.
All the best and might win the largest followers!
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