Tawanna Turner: Allen Iversons Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur And Philanthropist


iverson and turner first began dating when they were simply 16 years of ages. The couple were married at The Mansion on Key Road in the summer of 2001, with Iverson fresh off of winning the NBA MVP honor and also making a look in the NBA Finals. Iverson and his other half share 5 children with each other.

Things have not constantly been smooth for the pair, nonetheless, as in 2002 Iverson allegedly kicked her away from the house throughout an argument. Furthermore, in 2013, the couple divorced, nevertheless, within much less than a month of the divorce being wrapped up, they were back together. While it is vague if they have remarried, the pair continue to be together almost a decade later on.

Allen Iverson is one of the best and also most precious basketball players of all-time. Off the court, the NBA Hall of Famer is wed to his senior high school sweetie, Ta wanna Turner.

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Allen Iverson thanks his partner in Hall of Fame speech

Unsurprisingly, Iverson, whose career racking up average of 26.7 factors per video game ranks fifth amongst retired players, was sworn in right into the Naismith Memorial basketball hall of Popularity in the first year that he was eligible. The four-time scoring champion offered one of, otherwise the, the majority of unforgettable speeches in the history of the event.

Allen Iverson is understood for his showy style of play, his elite degree racking up, and also his otherworldly ball-handling ability. he is widely attributed with popularizing cornrows, tattoos, as well as arm sleeves within the NBA. The eleven-time All-Star was a follower favorite and a social symbol.

Iverson apparently thanked everyone he has gone across courses with in his emotional speech. Maybe one of the most touching tribute concerned his partner, Ta wanna, as Iverson stated:

He continued:

Iverson wrapped up by adding:

Watch Allen Iverson’s full Hall of Fame speech below:

Iverson and also Turner initially started dating when they were just 16 years old. The pair were married at The Estate on Main Street in the summer of 2001, with Iverson fresh off of winning the NBA MVP honor as well as making an appearance in the NBA Finals. Allen Iverson is recognized for his showy style of play, his elite degree scoring, as well as his otherworldly ball-handling capacity.

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