FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How To Unlock FIFA World Cup Phenoms Goncalo Ramos

When you think of a talented footballer, Gonzalo Ramos probably isn’t the first player who comes to mind. However, the Portuguese striker has been added to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team World Cup Phenoms squad, and he’s certainly got some impressive stats!

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is still presenting big upgrades to players through SBC, and this weekend is no different.

World Cup Phenoms are coming thick and quickly, as well as a new World Cup icon to unlock for your team.

Here’s all the statistics for Gonzalo Ramos, the most recent gamer to score an upgrade, and how to open him in FIFA 23.

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SBC Requirements.

Gonzalo Ramos (OR 87).

Expiry Date: Saturday, 17th December.

Start Date: Saturday, 10th December.

You’ll require to send 2 teams to open the 87-rated Striker:.

  • Minimum 1 Gamer from Portugal.
  • Minimum Team Score 83.


84-Rated Squad.

  • Minimum Team Score 84.

Info to Follow…

Reward-1 x Prime Plectrum Players Load.


SBC Solutions.

Approximated Cost: 35k.

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