Check out These 5 Interesting Facts About Hardy Hands

If metals lines do not bring you enough experience, your next goal will be Hardy Hands.
Nevertheless, Hardy Hands is not only stronger than Metal Slides, but also much less.
This is where you can find Hardy Hands in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Hardy Hand Places in Dragon Quest Treasures

Hardy Hands can appear in places where the Hand swamps (or ponds in which these types of monsters appear).
You will find a lot of these swamps in mainland.
They can also appear on blocks of ice swims on water in the rear rooms.
The easiest way to find them is to quickly get to the Glacier Junction station and take a walk along a frozen river around the region.
If you see wet hands, there is a small chance that a persistent hand will be with them.
Hardy Hands can also appear in a growl or from the third floor and below or by chance the portals of treasures if you are lucky.
They will be accompanied by metals lines, and they will not be able to escape.

How quickly win Hardy Hands

Like metallic slugs, Hardy Hands are immune to magic and are resistant to physical attacks.
The fastest way to defeat them is to hit a few granules juice to reduce its defense and release a physical special attack (slash, blow or piece) from one of your monsters.
Orcs, as a rule, are ours!
Press the R +arrow button to untie the indicated attack when the scale is filled.
If you do not have a monster with a non-element, physical special technique, click the R + Root button to release Eric or Mia.

Wild side.
This will allow you to move faster and beat stronger, which can lead to victory over the Hardy Hand.


You can also try a secretive attack from behind, crouching.
Until Hardy Hand will not notice the approaching Eric or Mia, the blow that they will deliver will always be critical.
Hardy Hands have high protection, but very little HP.
Several good blows should defeat him.
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