5 Major Consequences of The Witcher Monster Slayer Disappearing from the App Store

The Witcher: Monster Slayer – resuming in broad outline the principle of Pokémon Go – will gradually disappear from the various mobile blinds, after a big year of existence. There are many consequences, but it also signifies that augmented reality is coming to mainstream and will soon be normalized.

The enhanced reality video game The Witcher: Beast Slayer-Repretion in broad outline the concept of Pokémon Go-Va slowly disappear from the different mobile blinds, after a huge year of presence.


With different consequences.
Launched in July 2021, The Witcher: Beast Slayer was based on an easy principle, namely surveying streets and courses equipped with his smartphone in order to meet different creatures from the universe of the witch gamer, all on the basis of augmented truth.
The interest held in the reality of preparing well prior to searching, in particular via potions however likewise an observation of real time, the climate condition and the time that can have an impact.

It took a bit more than a year for the video game to be eliminated without summons, failing to have achieved its goals.
Withdrawn from the sale in January 2023, he will keep his servers and therefore access for all those who bought it until June of the very same year, the date on which there will be no trace.
But more than the disappearance of The Witcher: Beast Slayer, it is mainly that of the studio responsible for its development-Spokko -quit needs to be kept in mind.
Certainly, in a press release evoking completion of its game, the business suggests that it will soon be absorbed by CD Project Red, with the possibility for a few of its employees to sign up with the present tasks of the Polish business.
Without leaving out to specify that this will not hold true with the whole team, therefore implying that layoffs will quickly and sadly occur.

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