Deny Automata continues its route and crosses the 7 million sales turning point

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The marathon continues to deny Automata. Well assisted by its release on an extra platform and even prior to the broadcast of the animation series, the platinum games’ action game still passes a course, that of the 7 million sales. The remake of Near Replica advances for its much slower side however also gives news.

More than ever better commercial efficiency in Platinum games, Driving Automata had 6.5 million sales on June 28, 2022. And with the reinforcement of an effective switch port released on October 6, it was not necessary for the video game to exceed The CAP of 7 million less than a term later on. Having felt the best vein for a while, Square Enix ordered at the A-1 studio photos an adaptation in animation series which will be available in January 2023 under the name Near Automata Ver1.1 A.

For one factor or another, Square Enix has actually made it a point of honor to report each commercial level crossed by Near Automata. Here is the summary of its development:

At the very same time, Square Enix does not forget to take stock of Near Replica Very.1.22. A remaster that does not benefit from the same aura as the game brought by 2b, nines and A2, since if the action-RPG had quickly reached one million copies, it has not scratched since half a million Sales in 18 months:

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