Official Xbox 360 control replica is announced

In 2018, Hyperkin, a company focused on creating peripherals, launched an official replica of the Duke, the iconic original xbox control. Now, it was recently confirmed that this company will do the same with the control of the Xbox 360 that we saw in 2005, known as the Xenon.

Although the Xenon does not yet have a release or price date, Hyperkin has mentioned that this control will be compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, and will be available in white, black, pink and red. For its part, the name comes from the Microsoft CPU, CPU used in the Xbox 360, whose name in code was Xenon.

Because the control is being created with the Xbox Series X | S in mind, the xenon is not a perfect reply of Xbox 360 control. The beginning and back buttons will now be replaced with the menu and view. A share button has also been included. Each has a 3.5 mm headphone connector and works with a USB-C cable.


Considering that at the moment we do not have official images of the Xenon, there is no release date, or price, it is very likely that some time passes before all our doubts about this product have an answer. On related issues, Gold’s offers for Black Friday are now available. Similarly, the Xbox SERIES S Low price.

Editor’s note:

Xbox has done a fantastic work with its controls. Although xenon is not a product created by Microsoft, this attachment has the potential to be one of the most popular, and it will be a great excuse to revive all our memories related to the Xbox 360.

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