World Cup 2022 Nouripour Irans national group is always a window exterior

Mr. Nouripour, the Iranian routine fights the protests of their own population that broke out after the death of Massey Mini. Former FIFA President Sept Latter therefore called for Iran to exclude the World Cup. Do you agree?

Ahead of time, I need to say that I have quite troubles to take the most well-meaning words from Sept Latter seriously. Where was his sense of human rights when he was still a FIFA president? The question of the exemption of the Iranian team is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, exclusion could increase international pressure versus the Iranian regime. On the other hand, we need to support those who are just going on the street versus the federal government. The Iranian exile medium Iran International, which was classified as a terrorist organization by the regime these days, headlined after the opening interview of national coach Carlos Quartz: Now the genuine problem for the program begins. At a press conference, Quartz said that he would allow his players to oppose since everybody has the right to express themselves.

Quickly before the start of the competition, the met the federal chairman of the Greens, Omid Nouripour (47), who matured in Tehran for a detailed interview.

How did the gamers articulate themselves?

Other than for 2 players, all of them have been important of the routine, no one sings the nationwide anthem or is pleased for goals. Legends like Ali Karimi or Mehdi Mahavira canceled FIFA invitations to the World Cup since they have other priorities. This reveals that this team can move a lot and can create a lot of attention for the emergency of the individuals and the protests. Against this background, I believe that an exemption would not be appropriate because participation can help the protester.

The program can barely make use of the World Cup participation?

That’s the way it is. The league was also destroyed prematurely, images circulated on social media under the heading: The saddest league on the planet. The winners simply look unfortunate if you look at the pictures of the cup handover at the Super cup.

You addressed two players, could the group split?

In interviews, the two of the Iranian federal government thank you, while on the streets precisely this federal government is violent versus its own population. The huge heroes are Ali Karimi and Ali Dali, who were known in Germany, who were constantly hostile, but have now fixed up and put together in public. Karimi is continuously insulted by program officials.

He is one of the clearest fans of the demonstrations in Iran. The rumor is that the association wanted to require the nationwide coach to do without his best player. The press conference was canceled to announce the World Cup team and rescheduled on the last handle.

There were reports that he had been jailed.

What is the status of the nationwide team amongst people in Iran?

In the group stage, Iran satisfies the U.S.A., England and Wales.

They really only bet nations made from the program to system opponents. Every gesture, every handshake, every hug will be a fantastic indication against the politics of the federal government and for a cosmopolitanism of the nation. Already at the 1998 World Cup, the game Iran against the United States with a joint group image was. There is no much better peace symbol.

Individuals also protest versus global seclusion in which the regime has actually led the nation over four years. The national team is always a window outside. There are international insights, specifically David Beckham’s video games in the 90s remained in Iran party events where girl classes satisfied to see. In Brazil there is the saying: Football is faith. In Iran, football is the distraction of a faith that is imposed by the state in all facets. Football is a breath for people. That is why the security measures prior to and in the stadiums are so violent since there are numerous political demonstrations.

How do you measure the possibilities that the demonstrations in Iran will succeed, and the Mullah routine will disconnect?

The concern is how much sorry that the program can still bring about the population until it has actually lost. No one believes in reforms and reforms by the routine.

Is there an end like in Belarus, where totalitarian Alexander Lukashenko eliminated the demonstrations and is still in office?

The Iranians have actually needed to be shown frequently to the regime’s violence still frightened. It is unclear how it goes on. But everybody remembers the lots of cruelty. Most just recently, a minimum of 1,500 people were eliminated in demonstrations in fall 2019. It is customized that on the third, on the seventh and on the 40th day you grieve the dead. At each of these funeral services, there are occurrences in which people are killed once again. For them there is once again funeral celebrations. The suffering is immeasurably the lots of individuals, the grief of the relatives, and it increases every day. The number of children killed constantly increases. The last victim was 10 years old.


If you could choose alone: Which political sanctions would you impose against Iran?

Mr. Nouripour, the Iranian program fights the demonstrations of their own population that broke out after the death of Massey Mini. On the one hand, exclusion could increase worldwide pressure versus the Iranian regime. Except for 2 players, all of them have actually been crucial of the routine, no one sings the nationwide anthem or is delighted for objectives. People also object versus worldwide seclusion in which the program has actually led the country over 4 years. The concern is how much sorry that the program can still bring about the population up until it has lost.

The position of my celebration is that we desire to categorize the groups that bother their own population as a terrorist company. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock attempts to promote this at the EU level. I spoke to a woman on the phone who had a great deal of jail and sitting innocently in prison for the next couple of years. She said to me: Can you at least make certain that those who eliminate our children do not send their own children to Europe to celebrate? This is legally complicated because the rule of law can not worry kids for their moms and dads’ actions. But we can freeze the assets of their parents in the EU if they are members of the advanced guards, and we categorize them as a terrorist company. That would be the most reliable instrument.

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