FIFA 23. TOTW9: All team cards of week 9

The celebration of the Cater World Cup is already lived in FIFA 23, but that the best players on the planet are concentrated in the big football party is not reason or excuse for EA Sports to miss their appointment by offering a new team of the week in the That Crews, Hoffmann or Mean shine with their own light.


The weekly appointment with the star team of FIFA Ultimate Team returns without surprises: the traditional PSG quota (we have realized it, EA) will stop a Nun Mendes with a dangerous 92 rhythm. And that, as you will see, is one of the new most normal letters of the new Totw9.

Of course, no one beats us: as every week, in Sinatra we have gathered in the same place the 11 cards that make up the main team of the TOW with all It’s broken down skills and, just a little below, the 23 new letters of the week.

You have until November 23 to get them in the envelopes and, from there, you can find them at auction price in the transfers market. Without further delay, then you will find all the cards of the team of FIFA 23 week.

Regard Totw9 (MC), with valuation 86

Hoffmann Totw9 (MCO), with valuation 86

Crews Totw9 (MC), with value 90

Tapioca Totw9 (DFC), with valuation 84

Zero Totw9 (DC), with valuation 86

Simian Totw9 (LD), with valuation 82

Windstorm totw9 (MI), with valuation 84

Nun Mendes Totw9 (LI), with valuation 83

Mean Totw9 (DC), with valuation 86

Nuñez Totw9 (EI), with valuation 84

Full Totw9 (by), with valuation 84

All the cards of the fifa 23 Week 9

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