Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO preview report! The huge exhibition of Sony products with a maximum of 800 points in history is a masterpiece

GINA SONY PARK (Gina Sony Park) has a preview of Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO to be held at two venues in Kyoto from November 11.

Sony Park is a facility that was opened as a renewal project that utilizes the site of Sony Bill (Gina, Tokyo). Various events and live performances have been held since the opening in August 2018 as an experimental park, but it was closed for rebuilding at the end of September 2021.

This time, two events that have attracted particular attention from the events held at Sony Park have been fused in Kyoto. On the first day of the event, a preview for the media was held, and the whole picture of the Sony Park exhibition, which was the first exhibition outside of Gina, was revealed.

At the site of the Kyoto Shim bun Printing Factory (1st basement floor of the Kyoto Shim bun Building), which is the first venue, six businesses, Games, Music, Movie, Electronics, Semiconductor, Finance (Finance), which are developed, are converted into themes. It was developed as a hands-on project in collaboration with six artists.

In the game field, a collaboration project with Okazaki Physical Education, an artist from Kyoto, is developed under the theme of The game is a social site. In addition to the actual PlayStation aircraft exhibitions, voice content that introduced games and trivia with memories and episodes by Okazaki Physical Education was prepared.

In addition, some titles were able to actually try out. The monitor connected to the actual machine is full of model TVs at the time that PlayStation from each generation was released. Although it is a CRT TV that makes you feel the times, the first PlayStation game that plays with the image quality still feels a unique atmosphere and taste.

In addition, a special exhibition of successive Sony products and entertainment works will be held at SOHO Theater Kyoto at the venue. More than 800 products, which have become the largest in the Sony Group, have been in one place, and the scale was a masterpiece.


In the game product, there are many peripheral devices such as controllers and memory cards, as well as the first-generation to 5 and portable PlayStation. Color variations were also covered. In addition, nostalgic media such as Walkman, mobile phone, VAIN, MD and beta, and often stop finding the products you used in the past and stopped your feet. The author has been stuck in the concept of looking back on her memories through Sony’s past products.

Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO is being held until November 23 (Wednesday / holiday). The venue is free of charge at the Kyoto Shim bun Building 1st and Rome Theater Kyoto.

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