Gravity, G -Star 2022 exhibit lineup release

[ Moon Byung-soo] Gravity unveiled the entry lineup of its development title and indie game with the news of the G-Star 2022, which will be held in Susan on the 17th.


Gravity plans to showcase 13 kinds of exhibits, including a booth at the G-Star B2C exhibition hall this year, and a new Indie game, which has been launched in various genres, and new indie games that are scheduled to be released in Gravity. The five of the total titles presented by G-Star are indie games that have been identified as Gravity Game Arrive (GGA) is project’ Gravity Indie Games’.

Gravity will provide 11 kinds of demonstrations, including service titles and new launches during the G-Star period, to provide the opportunity to demonstrate the game to visitors visiting the venue.

Choir Songbook, director of Gravity Business Division, said, This year, we will showcase indie games that are supported by various genres developed within Gravity this year. We are working hard to support indie games such as projects. We are also preparing to experience various games by preparing internal development titles and indie game demonstrations in G-Star.

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