Heat 2, Sena, Summers War, etc.

In 2022, the Korean game award was released in 2022. There are 12 types of candidates that include the target, including Origin, Summers War: Chronicle, Seven Knights Revolution, and Hit 2.

This year’s game award began to accept participation on October 5 and will vote online from 31st to November 7th. The main prize, including the Grand Prize and the Grand Prize, is aimed for games produced and released in Korea from October 16 last year to October 14 this year, and the popular game award was released within two years from October 14, when it was the application deadline. Domestic and overseas titles are included.

There are 12 kinds of candidates, and Nixon is the game company that has the most games. Dungeon & Fighter Dual, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, Blue Archive and Hit 2 have four species. Next, Net marble (Merge Kenya Island, Seven Knights Revolution), Comes (Summers War: Chronicle, Coitus Pro Baseball V22), and Line Games (Audi-Games), each of them, played two games. Lastly, Remade’s Mir M: Vanguard & Baggy Bond and Hive I’m’s inner Island with BTS were nominated for the main prize.

Compared to last year, the number of multi-platform titles that are simultaneously serviced on PCs and mobile, and the number of games in the main candidate has increased. In fact, seven of the main candidates are a multi-platform game that encompasses mobile and mobile. In addition, the only PC/console title of the main candidate, Dungeon & Fighter Dual, is also a watching point.

Subsequently, some overseas games were also named in the popular game. Cats and soups, raising the moon rabbit, the sea ancient era Origin, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, Merge Kenya Island, Origin 3, Blue Archive, Summers Wars: Chronicle, Seven Knights Revolution, Undid Temper There are 14 kinds of professional baseball V22 and hit 2 (Canada).

The Korean game awards will be held in 13 categories, 16 fields, and total prize money of 30 million won. Among them, the main prize consists of the Grand Prize, the Excellence Award, and the Technology Creation Award (Planning/Scenario, Sound, Graphic, Character). Online voting from October 31 to November 7, and the awards ceremony will be held at the Susan BEX CO Convention Hall from 5 pm on November 16.


Last year, the game award was developed by Lion Heart Studio, and Odin: Valor Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin), which was serviced by Aka Games, at the time. He received four awards from the upgrade company.

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