The Forgotten City leaves Game Ps on Monday. You have the weekend to enjoy this little mterpiece

In Game Ps, on all platforms a service, whether these video games or films and series, the titles are entering and leaving a continuous renewal. Sometimes it hurts more, sometimes less, when a game leaves the list. Well, The Forgotten City is one of those who hurt a lot.


of unforgettable matching city

You cannot miss the analysis we publish from The Forgotten City in Meditation when it went on sale lt year. Signed by David Arroyo , it is one of those texts that help validate a medium like this, the written press of video games.

The Forgotten City seems the fcinating result of crossing Skyrim with Outer Wilds and Deadly Premonition.

In that analysis David gave us definitions such the one that floats on these lines while telling us the amazing trip that the game had traveled until its launch. How the lawyer Nick Pearce had tried a Mod of Fallout New Veg that would end up changing his life. Setting the possibilities he offered, he waited at the exit of a more sophisticated fodder tool. He arrived with Skyrim, and in it, he diverted fully. Three years of hard work and continuous learning resulted in The Forgotten City, one of the most respected, admired and successful mods (more than three million downloads) of the community.

That could not stay like this, and endorsed by criticism, users and prizes to his script the prestigious National Writers Guild Award , Pearce returned to work in a work to independent his Skyrim project and market him an independent video game. The success of this supervitaminated version made in Unreal Engine (the original ran in Cry Engine) soon arrived due to the overflowing quality of the final product. In the middle, from the initial idea after trying that Mod of Fallout to the commercial launch, nothing less than almost ten years.

Excels narrative in a hidden parallel dimension that took us to the times of the Roman Empire, The Forgotten City again received the praise of critics and increed the number of players who had access to the first version. So you know if you are Game Ps users, and you have not tried this wonder, you are still on time. Reserve at most 8 hours of your time for a first level narrative experience , an experience that, unlike the title of the game, will never forget.

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