Subculture Game ‘Inorganic Mido’

-The new work that has been waiting for 2 million global pre-registrants, finally released

-Provides a variety of entertainment, including the interrogation room and the main story to meet 12 prisoners

-In the event commemorative event reward, S-class prisoner ‘NOX’ payment, retweet event proceeds

INTO Games announced on the 2nd that it has officially launched the subculture game , which is developed and serviced by the company, to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

In the background of an outlaw city, is a game that has fun of strategic role-playing, such as the powerful power of the prisoners who have various personality and the characters in consideration of special terrain in combat.

In addition, the unique interrogation system adds to the dubbing of professional voice actors, which increases the immersion of the story, as well as the secret of the prisoner and the past, and obtain an important clue.

In the initials room, 12 interrogation files, including Jinan Nine, Ariel, Sinai, Wendy, Camellia, and Ella, will be prepared as a formal launch.

In addition, in order to commemorate the official launch, the new director’s notice event will be held to obtain the S-class prisoner ‘NOX’, the director’s seal profile border, and seven arrests.

In addition, if you retweet the official Twitter post by November 6th and authenticate it with the event post through the retweet certification event, you will receive prizes such as iPhone 14 Pro Max 512 GB, Nintendo Switch OLED, Goods Gift Box, and Cultural Gift Certificate.

Meanwhile, will achieve 2 million global pre-registrants on the 24th and present items such as ‘Hecate, Yesterday’, 13 arrests, and 800 cubes to all users.

For more information about Inorganic Midnight, please visit the official website.

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