The Split Pad Compact can be my brand-new favored controller for the Switch over

On the one hand, I am a huge follower of cutting-edge game pads as well as on the other hand I have a lot with my switch in handheld setting. Because I locate the basic delight cons from Nintendo actually unpleasant with a very long time, one more controller was definitely needed.

The previous favored controller from Mango editor Maximilian Dettenthaler has now received a follower with the split pad compact. .

With the split pad compact, it has actually formally been a successor since October 14, from which the supplier on the homepage guarantees a professional controller-like experience in handheld mode (by means of Horn).

That is why I came across the Horn business a long period of time ago, which, to name a few points, produces game pads certified by Nintendo for the Switch. Its Split Pad Pro was my absolute favorite controller for the Nintendo Switch over after a really brief time.

In order to inspect whether this is actually the instance, certainly I had to get a copy right away, which I place with its paces for you according to the following requirements:

  • Optics and also dimension
  • Processing and functional designs
  • Capability
  • Added functions
  • Missing out on functions

this is the split pad compact

optics and size .


Technical information: .

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Given that the split pad compact does not have its own battery like the typical delight disadvantages, the power supply takes place straight using the console itself. Nevertheless, I discover the energy usage of my button not noticeably higher.

Additional features .

The split pad compact comes with a RRP of EUR 54.99 and also in two designs-apricot red and also light gray yellow, where I attempted the latter. There will additionally be other layouts in the future. As an example, you can currently pre-order a controller with Gen gar style on According to, the version is to be launched on November 4, 2022.

This likewise suggests that the split pad compact is a pure portable mode controller with which you can not play in docking or in tabletop setting. This is not an issue for me directly, since I have a Switch over Pro controller for playing on television anyhow and also not having fun with the Joy-Cons.

The controllers’ manages are still bigger than that of the common Joy-Cons, which I really a lot of welcome. My hands periodically hurt with the regular switch controllers due to the cramped as well as uncomfortable position because specifically after longer sessions.

However, not only that, both analog sticks of the split pad compact really feel very exactly and also have a substantially larger distance of movement than the typical happiness disadvantages of the switch. Incidentally, I found the sticks too inflexible with these, virtually a little also soft with the Split Pad Pro. Below also there is full rating for the split pad compact.

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The normal joy cons are undoubtedly multifunctional and designated to be affixed to the included controller insert along with the handheld mode in order to form a real controller. You can additionally have fun with them in table setting. The switch bases on a surface area, while the Joy-Cons are decoupled as well as can be held in hand by several players.

Unlike the joy-cons supplied ex-spouse works, the split pad compact has a genuine D pad on the left deal with that really feels great.


  • Handling.
  • Practical extra functions.
  • Great elevation as well as resistance of the switches.
  • Exact, concave thumb sticks.
  • Great ergonomic grasp.
  • Weight.
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Change OLED.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

The split pad compact likewise does not have a couple of functions of the typical Joy-Cons. For instance, there are no gyro sensors as well as consequently no motion control. However, since this is utilized in few video games anyhow, I find this basically workable.

  • Missing out on gyro sensors as well as for that reason no motion control.
  • No vibration.
  • The dimension may not be suitable for every person.

missing features .

If you are seeking a great choice to the regular joy cons of the Switch over for portable setting, I can actually warmly suggest the split pad compact. Due to the fact that with the excellent handiwork, ergonomics, precision as well as excellent extra functions, Horn has really created an excellent game pad right here, which personally clearly in the shade for me. With the acquisition of the controller, you also not do anything wrong from a monetary viewpoint.

In convenes thumb sticks, the surface of the analog stick is arched up.
At conceives, this is pushed down. This should slip much less with these control sticks.

Since I had actually formerly played with the predecessor for a long time, the split pad compact has until now been virtually a bit as well tiny for me. Nonetheless, this can likewise refer obtaining used to.

In addition to all these attributes, the split pad compact likewise has 3 even more keys on both side of the controller, which does not exist with the typical joy-cons.

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** The previous favored controller from Mango editor Maximilian Dettenthaler has now received a follower with the split pad compact. While the top of the split pad compact is smooth, the underside, on the various other hand, is a little rougher for a much better grasp. Not just that, both analog sticks of the split pad compact really feel exactly and also have a considerably larger span of activity than the typical pleasure disadvantages of the switch. The split pad compact likewise lacks a couple of features of the regular Joy-Cons. If you are looking for a great option to the regular happiness disadvantages of the switch for handheld setting, I can truly comfortably advise the split pad compact.

And despite the shoulder buttons, Horn took a good progression. With the precursor, the Split Pad Pro, these are a little bigger, but in my point of view it is additionally an excellent piece of softer. If such as the reactivity of the shoulder activates far better at the split pad compact.

While the top of the split pad compact is smooth, the underside, on the various other hand, is a bit rougher for a better grasp. That is why the manages lie really well in the hand and feel actually comfortable as well as small. So the controller does justice to the name.

In my point of view, the greatest renovation is clearly the analog sticks of the split pad compact. The roughed up rubber on the concave thumb sticks actually stops any type of slips from sliding off contrasted to the smooth surface of the precursor as well as the normal joy-cons (which are convex incidentally).

Processing as well as functional designs .

In which the switches felt so excellent because I have not played a solitary Joy-Con substitute for the Change. From the vital buttons on the right manage over the screenshot as well as residence buttons-even-the little plus as well as minus keys-really every switch has an optimal height and also an excellent resistance. To be sincere, I even locate it a lot more pleasant than with my previous favored controller.

Just like the precursor, the buttons are mostly made of rubber, yet all plastic. And also especially with these, the split pad compact stands apart for me personally for the very first time.

However, the game pad is definitely not just appropriate for kids, but equally for grown-up hands.

In enhancement to the appearance, I also such as how high quality the device-especially for the price-feels. It is secure and well-made, as you already know it from other Horn controllers.

Just the missing out on gyro sensors, the non-existent vibration as well as the dimension are smaller minus factors for me at split pad compact. In my opinion it is a practically excellent Joy-Con replacement that completes with my previous favored controller.

Aesthetically, I stand out that the split pad compact has lost weight a good bit and smaller compared to the big sibling, the Split Pad Pro.

Because of the numerous rounded edges, the new Split Pad has a more ergonomic impact on me. This is an immense renovation compared to the Joy-Cons from Nintendo, since they are completely straight as well as consequently not ergonomic in any way.

On the other hand, I locate a shame a lot more an embarrassment. Especially by pc gaming with the PS5, I am now made use of to an HD rum feature and actually don’t really intend to do without it anymore-except for affordable shooters. I simply think that a great resonance can make the gaming experience a lot more immersed.

  • For both deals with there is one button with a turbo feature.
    This can be covered with any type of button as well as the D-Pad. This suggests that the controller is claimed that you continuously push the selected button at a high-frequency speed or even maintain it frequently pressed. The frequency of these turbos can be separately adjusted to your needs on both takes care of.
  • There are additionally an additional trigger button on the back of the controller on the back of the controller, which can additionally be made use of by hand with a switch utilizing the Assign secret on the front. In the meantime, lots of pro controllers have this feature on various other gaming consoles and I locate it actually extremely functional.

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capability .

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