After eight years after the announcement, the difficult grotesque horror is full -freshly picked up! Todays STEAM feature 11 selections [October 17, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release and The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing all the target works that have been harvested regardless of! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Pixel Cup Soccer-Ultimate Edition (early access graduation)

This work is a soccer game featuring a retro-style dot picture. While playing casually with simple operations, it has deep systems such as abundant passes, shoots, players replacement and detailed management of formation. In the career mode, you will become a general manager and coach, create your own team from scratch and aim for various tournaments. Compatible with local co-op with up to eight people, you can play online by using Remote Play Together.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors

This work is a survivor genre that starts with VAMPIRE SURVIVORS. Each character has its own special abilities, enhances weapons and equipment in play, and creates a beautiful girl warrior. In the game, characters and attack effects are described in 3D, and it also supports Japanese, including dubbing.

Begonia (early access graduation)

This work is an open world RPG that was inspired by an old school classic title. Early access has started in June 2020, and the evaluation on the Steam store is very popular at the time of writing the article. In this work, which travels in a vast world as an adventurer, it is up to players how to grow characters, such as wizards, warriors, and assassins. In order to solve the quest, you can choose not only from force but also from multiple methods such as negotiations and stealth. You can also build your own house and decorate.

VOID’S CALLING EP. 2 (Adults, early access graduation)

This work is an adult visual novel game with RPG elements, and it seems that the game development may change dramatically depending on the decision of the player. In addition to the increase in ATE than the previous episode 1, the battle system is also complicated, and the game mechanism itself has changed dramatically.


This work is an FPS horror adventure set in an isolated and strange and nightmare world. The player seems to have been used by a civilization that once called this world in a detailed world, exploring the unstable world, exploring the unstable world while dealing with various gimmicks and monsters. Aiming to survive while collecting tools. However, just because you find the truth does not seem to survive.

Dragon Ball The Breakers

This work is an asymmetric match action in which seven general citizens Survivors aim to escape against powerful raiders. Raider includes cells, friezes, and magic bound, a typical enemy of Dragon Ball. Raiders, which prevent escape due to area destruction, can evolve by clearing certain conditions. Conversely, survivors, which have low fighting power, can be turned around with items and skills, but they can also be transformed into a super warrior by gathering change power.

ALINA OF THE ARENA (early access graduation)

This work is a rogue-light deck building game that contains strategy elements and was inspired by Slay The Spire and Into The Breach. The player is an arena that entertains blood-hungry spectators and will fight to survive as a girl’s sword fighter. It is characterized by the combination of head-based tactics and deck building, and the concept of positioning is added, so you can enjoy strategies that are not captured by simple attacks and defense. In addition, you can equip the weapons that have both advantages and disadvantages on both hands, and you can fight in various combinations according to your opponent and situation.

Triangle Strategy

This work is a PC version of the tactics RPG Triangle Strategy released in Nintendo Switch in March 2022. The SEX Asana team, who was involved in the Bravely series and Octopus Traveler, participated in the development. The story of beliefs drawn in the beautiful graphics of the HD-2D will be exciting in various elements such as the persuasion of friends, the fields with height differences, and the strategic battle such as pursuit and collaboration.


This is a PGA Tour official golf game featuring certified courses such as Tiger Woods and other real professionals, East Streak’s Golf Club, TPC Scottsdale. In carrier mode, you can create your own professional golfer who customizes various skills and golf wear, and freely create a course with a course designer that supports many customizable objects. Share with other players, share the course together. You can turn around. In correspondence with online and local multiplayer, you can enjoy competition in various game modes such as alternate shots, stroke play, skins and scramble.

Such art: Artist Simulator (early access graduation)

This work is a simulation of producing art works as a genius artist, set in the future of 2130. We will sell them, upgrade the atelier. It features various objects, tools and real paint coloring color of various objects that apply physical operations. It has already been supported in Japanese. GAME*Spark also has a play repo, so please see the game details.

Celtic (early access graduation)

In this work, which starts with death, we will run, slide and avoid, and use the environment to confront the mysterious violent cult. Players can freely select how to proceed with the battle, and it is OK to assault from the front and trap and ambush. It also seems to be able to sew the attack between enemies, guide the attack, and fight each other.

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