Cookie Run: Kingdom, BTS Concert Site Braver Together Collabus Operation

On the 15th, the BTS ‘BTS’ YET to Come ‘in Susan’ was installed on the 15th of the 2030 Susan World Expo.

In addition to the main booth of the Susan Asia Main Stadium where the performance is held, the sub booth is also installed at the Live Play site of the Susan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot, where the performance can be viewed in real time through a large screen. Provide it.

booth design with the concert concept and BTS cookies

On the 13th, Cookie Run: Kingdom released a collaboration content and story where BTS held a concert in the kingdom in a cookie. In line with this, the booth installed in Susan also provides the concert-based experience provided by the game.

The outside of the booth attracted attention by being decorated with a large poster with bulletproof Boy Scout members and cookies by members. Inside the booth, in-game-related elements such as characters and voices, costumes, performances in the kingdom, and related exhibition products of the BTS members who became cookies were presented with offline content.

Boot content that allows you to enjoy in-game experience offline and enjoy offline realism

The main contents provided by the promotion booth are ▲ Photo Wall, Baking Zone ▲ Stage Zone ▲ Cookie Zone ▲ Mirror Photo Zone ▲ Giveaway. offers a variety of content that can be enjoyed in the game and offers a differentiated experience.

First, there is a photo wall where you can take a photo with the background of ‘Cookie Ball Stadium’ where BTS cookies perform in and 7 kinds of BTS cookies.

In addition, the members of the Baking Zone, which shows the process of BTS cookies, such as recording their own voice and creating a fairy tale of the kingdom, and the ‘stage zone’, where you can check the concert stage, which is the only concert stage of BTS cookies.

In addition, the ‘Cookie Doll Zone’, which is newly implemented to enjoy the in-game experience offline, exhibits the image, tickets, magazines, and LPs of BTS, centering on concerts in the Cookie Kingdom. In addition, through the participation of the event, you can feel the sense of concert and get a variety of memories through ‘Giveaway’, which allows you to receive the bts cookie Solo Package and Photo Card printing paper.

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