LOL: RIOT cancels its most controversial plan to change the ranked, but only temporarily

There are times when League of Legends developers throw an idea into the air to see what the opinion of the community is. A practice they carried out for the last time a few months ago, when they explained to the community the problem that couples of players were causing in the qualifying ways. Regarding this situation, Riot Games explained that they were investigating the elimination of the ‘prior to solo game mode. The measure was controversial and has recently been dismissed.


Riot temporarily suspends the most controversial change to ranked

In recent weeks, developers have returned to this issue to dismiss this possibility. However, Riot Games’s refusal to make this change only has temporary character . Everything is said, the company would still have months of work ahead and there will be no changes at the end of season 12 or the beginning of the next campaign, which would postpone the possible disappearance of the duo until at least the first month of the year 2024. Extensive period of calm during which League of Legends developers will focus on another main objective.

The reason why the solo qualifying items will continue to allow us to play as a couple is basically that not even the company is convinced with the flexible mode . Riot Suzerain, one of the top heads of the League of Legends qualifying system, explained to the community that much remains to be investigated. However, he pointed out that some possible changes would be designed to make the only mode and flex not compete in the same evaluation axis in such a way that they meet different needs of League of Legends players.

To achieve this, the goal of Riot Games would be to recover some great ideas of the old modes 5 against 5 or the current Clash. Thus, the company expects to mitigate opinions such as the rank achieved in Flex is not real. More than as competition, League of Legends developers want the two ways to act as a complement to be when we reach that point and start a new season of qualifying games when, probably, League of Legends players have to face the qualifying mode in lonely really al1. Everything indicates that it will end up happening , being just a matter of time.

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