Control list of preparations for a patch 6.25 for Final Fantasy XIV is all you need to know

With the release of Patch 6.25 on October 18, players will gain access to many new content and quests in Final Fantasy XIV. However, with this content you can’t just jump and start. Almost all the content in Patch 6.25 has some requirements. Here is our control list of what players should do to prepare for updating 6.25.

Complete the quests FFI HILDEBRAND.

With the release of the new weapons of Hildebrand, you will need to fully concentrate on your quests of Hildebrand . This means the performance of Hildebrand quests, additional quests Hildebrand Adventures (Heavenward), additional Hildebrand Adventures (Storm blood) quests and additional Hildebrand Adventures (End walker) quests. These are a lot of quests, and we recommend starting as soon as possible!

Get ready for Variant and Criterion dungeons

The new Variant and Criterion dungeons fall out in patches 6.25. These more complex dungeons will have the level of wild complexity. As a result, you must make sure that your equipment is at the appropriate level. The current highest equipment for equipment 630 . It is expected that the Criterion dungeons will have at least a 615-620 requirement to enter , so make sure that you have equipment of the corresponding level of the subject. It can be purchased as homemade equipment or unlock with Allan Tombstones of Causal.

Make sure your craft tasks in FFI are aligned.

In patches 6.25 there is no certain content for craft, but some believe that the new tribal quests , omicron will be a quest by tribal craft. Starting with Heavenward, in each addition there was at least one chain of tribal quests, and it may be it. In addition, you want your artisans to be aligned for any new issued equipment, furniture and created materials.

use your Tombstones as much as possible


This is necessary for each patch, but it is always recommended that players maximize their Tombstones all kinds before new release. In this case, I mean Allan tombstones of poetics , Allan tombstones astronomy and Allan tombstones causal communication . The reason for this is that, most likely, new materials for craft and equipment loss will appear, so artisans, etc. will want to maximize the amount of tombstones in front of the patch. In addition, you never know when you need a new part of the equipment for another class, so maximization is important.

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