Steam Yurufuwa mythology ADV Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island is released. Highly evaluated ADV developers to the Greek gods and Mabudachi

Publisher White thorn Games announced on October 13 the Myth wrecked: Ambrosia Island . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the Steam store page, it will also support Japanese display.

Myth wrecked: Ambrosia Island is an adventure game. The stage is Ambrosia, where the gods of Greek mythology rest. Alex, the main character, backpacker, flows into the island due to a disaster involved in the middle of the trip. And Alex will reveal the mystery of the island while building friendship with the gods.

It is said that the islands of Greek mythology, such as Ares, Athena, Helmet and Hades, live on the island. They say they have lost their memories, and it seems to be the purpose of the game to connect the family that has fallen apart. In the case of an island adventure, the catalog will rely on it. The catalogs seem to show the place of the gods and their treasures. Returning the treasure to the right owner will revive their memories and reveal the story about the curse of the island.

It is said that new topics with the gods will be unlocked by conversations with the gods and the exploration of the island. If a new topic returns to the unlocked god, he may get useful information. However, the opponent is a god, so be more careful about the delicate topic. Until friendship deepens, it seems better to avoid touching such topics.


The island environment changes drastically day and night. It seems that there are places and puzzles that can only be seen at certain times. Game play does not include violent elements. It also has a function to help players who have gone to capture. It seems to be a game where a wide user can play with peace of mind.

Polygon TreeHouse, based in the UK. Alex Kanaris-SotirioU, an art director at GUERRILLA GAMES. In the past, it has released Loki, a set adventure game in snowy Nordic. In his Steam Ste Review, 92 % of 1488 cases have won the very popular status. It is a work that has won numerous awards. This is also characterized by non-violent gameplay. It seems that the heartwarming story that depicts the friendship with the heterosexual has been evaluated. In this work, Myth wrecked: Ambrosia Island, which is likely to be the theme of friendship between God and people, the style of the studio will be utilized.

Myth wrecked: Ambrosia Island will be released for PC (Steam).

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