Compat 2022 KBO League Post Season Celebration Event

Comes (CEO Song Jae-won, Lee Johan) is NO.1 baseball game’ Comes Pro Baseball 2022 ‘(hereinafter referred to as Come, 2022) will hold a commemorative event for the 2022 HBO League postseason.


The event, which consists of game access and mission progress, is designed to enjoy the ‘2022 HBO League’ postseason with baseball and game fans.

First, the postseason commemorative cheering package, which consists of the finest game items, will be given to all users who access the game by the 31st. The package includes a variety of items that can help strengthen the player’s ability, such as the top-level team selection pack that can recruit the best grade players, as well as ‘breakthrough rights’ and ‘unique ability change’.

If you play according to the postseason’s main schedule, there will also be various rewards. If you record the game attendance from the semi-playoffs to the Korean Series, you will be rewarded with items to recruit a variety of players and coaches.

In addition, if you achieve the mission given in the game every day, autumn growth support events will be held to pay various items for player growth. Depending on the results of the date of the date, the rewards are paid step by step, and if all three stages are achieved, they can be obtained as a ‘grade increase’, which is one of the best-quality materials in the game.

Meanwhile, ‘Comma 2022’ has recently raised the expectation of baseball fans and game users for the postseason by holding a user survey event on the autumn baseball team and revealing the results.

For more information about this event, please visit the official café of ‘Com2S Pro Baseball 2022’.

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