Announced that it has acquired Wiki Fandom, MetAcritic and Gamespot. The news is about 8 billion yen

A major wiki site service fandom announced on October 3 that it has acquired multiple sites, including Metacritic and Game spot.

Fandom is a major US wiki site hosting service. In 2004, the service was launched as Wiki cities and later renamed as Wiki. Currently, FANDOM of the same name is used as a service that allows fans of a wide range of genres to accumulate information, such as games, movies, manga, animation, and novels. Fandom was launched by Jimmy Wales, who was also known as a co-founder of Wikipedia, and Angela Beasley, who was involved in the operation of the site at the Wikimedia Foundation.


According to the announcement, Fandom has acquired seven brands: Gamest, MetAcritic, TV Guide, GAMES, GIANT BOMB, CORD CUTTERS NEWS, and COMIC Vine. Both are well-known sites and media in English-speaking countries. In particular, Metacritic is often referenced in Japan as an indicator of games, so many people may know. These brands have been sold to Fandom by other major media companies in the United States to Fandom.

In addition, Fandom itself has about 300 million MAUs (monthly active users) at present, and the brands acquired this time are about 46 million MAUs. By combining those brands, fans of various works seem to be thinking about expanding their strategic policies as the first choice of Fandom as an exchange community. It also leads to the company’s marketing data platform, Anna data and insights. By having a wide range of genres, we will develop further media strategies.

Regarding this acquisition, it has been announced that financial information will not be disclosed. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter overseas has said that it was about $55 million (about 8 billion yen) in the case.

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