Hok: Infinity and Infamous get the pass for the semifinals in the first Latam Mexico Qualifier

After a first day of action where the squads demonstrated their power in the crack of the kings we see the squads having a great deployment of skills to be able to demonstrate that they are the best in this new game, for the second day From the playoffs we had two great games that the players had very much in mind because the defeat meant the return home.

Starting with Infinity against Salinas Gaming the Rae showed their best strategies, but the infinity had the advantage of not having played in transmission for which Salinas does not have information about their style of play, taking things couples in the first fight for Each of the squads we see how Infinity begins to press during the third game with a Premonition that manages to create chaos in the game, during the fourth game Hunter becomes the nightmare that allows its squad to dominate and finish things in your favor with a 3-1.


Going to the second series we have Infamous against Six Karma, with a green wave team that had been dominating the group stage now faced the infamy who managed to get an important advantage in the first two games but Fly It would have enough strength to contribute great plays that would make 6k get a point that would give them enough confidence to win two games in a row, on the decisive map everything seemed even until KO was out of control to be able to give the victory to Infamous with a 3-2.

Concluding this day with the semifinalists already selected after a very intense week to get to this point, a team of Infinity that achieves his victory along with Infamous that he suffers to get to this point, on the other side Stamina and Taurus are already preparing for clashes that continue today to get the pass to the grand final tomorrow.

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