[Interview] The long journey in MMORPG, the integer is in classic.

Holly Long dale, which has been named through Classic, is now a developer who is familiar to Wow fans. He is a veteran and an expert in the MMORPG genre that has been in the game industry for a long time for 18 years. He served as a Disney Studio, Ever Quest, and Ever Quest 2’s Designer career as well as a total light producer.

She watched the process of Warcraft’s RPG and said she had enjoyed Wow since beta. She usually spends time visiting the deep inside the Wow world, such as Salvador, Outland, and North Rend, and she is also an enthusiastic gamer who enjoys the genre from the masterpiece to the indie for the continuous development of Wow.

The number of gamers who prefer the genre of single-plate-shaped genres, which are fast or short and ending, are increasing worldwide. MMORPG is leading to the negative review of ‘reversing the times’, while the global box office of Wow Classic is in good sense, and is about to launch the third home run Rich King’s anger.

Q. As a general producer in charge of Wow and Classic, please introduce 2.6 years after joining Blizzard.

As a senior producer, he joined the US after homework in the United States. He started at the classic team and was a producer at the time of joining. Exactly he joined five months after the classical launch, leading the burning temple and the anger of the rich king. After John White was the manager of Wow, the Wow team had to get bigger and choose a chief producer. He appealed to his career since his beta in 2004 and was in charge of this position.

Q. Unlike the expansion pack that creates something new, the classic team that revives the heritage of the past seems to be able to compare to the archaeological that discovers relics. What philosophy and goals have you developed your classic? Is there a part that reflects the insight that has revived the experience of developing Ever Quest for nearly 10 years?

It was a great journey. I started working as a classical work and learned a lot of burning temples, Rich King’s anger classic. He shared his accumulated experience with the work of Ever Quest and Nostalgia servers and helped him. Archeology is a very good analogy. Further improvement is the recent classic. In the latest expansion packs, such as Darkness, there are many supplements and improvements, so you can bring them if possible. In fact, the current classic has tripled the capacity of the Rich King’s anger server in the past.


In addition, the company is trying to provide a better experience through technical improvement. In the original classic, it was a troop, but he tried to change slightly from the burning temple. The classic itself is what the community wants. If the community wanted to improve, I thought it was the right direction. If the user wants in the future, it will be changed carefully. While keeping preserving the original feeling, you will listen to the direction the community wants.

Q. The expansion pack has been well known for its situation and scale through interviews with various developers, but classical information is very limited. I wonder how much the team is developing classics. In addition, it is very important to newly develops the past builds, so departments and ubiquity are very different from the expansion pack team. What is the difference?

The team’s size cannot be said in detail, but the structure is definitely different. Like the archeology mentioned earlier, it is important to take a look at as much as possible through the process of digging the existing artifacts, and what should be revived and what to improve, but you should continue to look into the original code and the past game information. The process of comparing and comparing game materials such as art and creating a modern engine is the main task of the classic development team.

You need a different work ability than usual. For example, the classic team has a position called technical design. It is produced by giving the original art or code to a modern engine. The burning temple, the rage of the Rich King, compares whether there is no difference compared to the build at the time, and whether it is uncomfortable to change something. The classic development team’s work is a development process where you can experience this unique and special experience.

Q. It is known that a lot of manpower has been recruited to the Wow Development Department, including the acquisition of the Proletarian Studio. What changed?

It is still a big acquisition that is divided into the east and west of the United States. A definite goal is the ultimate goal to improve the development process for users. As the team’s size grew, the view of the future seems to have changed. Since we have a situation where we can put more content, we are in the process of changing the point of view, reviewing feedback, and finding out what we can do as a big development team with one vision. If you melt like a body like a body, you will be able to provide more quality content faster than ever.

Q. Now I want to ask for a personal part. Korean fans are known through classic. I know I worked in Disney and Daybreak games in the past, but I wonder how the career had a career in the Wow Classic Producer.

All work backgrounds helped me to come to the Wow Classic team. In 1999, when I came across MMORPG, I loved this genre. Every Quest had a big impact that he changed his life, but the most impressive experience of the community was 1. Both the development team and gamers worked with the goal of the fantasy world they wanted. In addition, all the games that work and play have helped.

It is a game we created as a developer, but when it is released, it becomes a game of gamers. We have provided space and make the game alive is gamers who experience new experiences and meet ties. These experiences also had a big impact on existing workplaces and classics.

Q. Blizzard’s developers who have developed Warcraft and Wow have also been influenced by Ever Quest. If Every Quest is the father of RPG, Wow will be able to see it as a descendant that follows it. What do you think that WoW is maintaining MMO lead position?

I think that Every Quest has had a great influence on people’s lives, and continuously going up and down is a 3D adventure that can be immersed with friends. When I was on the design team in 2003-2004, the design team members came to the wow team. In the genre of MMO, they also interact with other studios, and many of them are the same team members.

Wow, is based on the fact that he can experience and share fun with his friends with his friends who tried to convey. It became easier to meet friends than before, and it was easier to start together. As a result, it has become a game that represents MMO as a result. I think that the MMO’s essence is to leave an adventure with a friend and to have an unforgettable experience, and Wow is the reason why Wow is building a floating position in the MMO genre.

Q. As the genre of the game becomes diverse, the number of users who enjoy MMORPG is decreasing. The size of the game developed is also decreasing. The competitiveness in the market is important. In that sense, what direction should WoW’s go, including RPG games?

Fortunately, Wow was a great success in the MMO genre. In some ways, you can think that Wow has developed the MMO genre one step further. We will continue to seek to pursue this scale development. Developers are aware of the world’s changes in the world and the game industry and genres, but personally, the future is expected. The Wow Team will run without a break so that it can not stop here. I don’t know if we can reach the ultimate game we want, the ultimate ideal, but I’m going to chase it with power.

Q. It is a classic that has already been successful and proved to be forever, but there are many Warcraft fans who do not even start. I am concerned that the so-called memories of the past will not be found even though they can meet their first love. Memories are the logic that memories should be left as memories. What do you think about this?

I’ve been trying to reach out to people who have encountered Wound Warcraft but have not yet accessible classics. The development team will not go anywhere, so the classic and live server will continue to be developed. If you remember it, I think it is our role and goal to prepare the space as much as possible at any time.

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