Flh Tale: Requiem reveals its duration and promises a story with rhythm and without filling

The continuation of the story of Alicia and Hugo is among the most outstanding relees of next month ( October 18 ). To Plague Tale: Requiem is the direct sequel to the acclaimed by plague tale: Innocence, which premiered in 2019 and conquered many players thanks to a story that combined historical events and fanty elements.

usual on the eve of a launch, The duration of the campaign is one of the things that most interest among users, and in the absence of almost a month for its premiere, we already know how long we will need to finish it: Between 15 and 18 hours . A quite considerable figure, if we take into account that we are facing a narrative proposal and with a linear level design.

The creative freedom, one of the keys to the project

In Play magazine, Kevin Pinion de obo Studio h explained that if they have opted for such a duration, it is not for another reon but because they are just they wanted to do it: Our editor [Focus Home interactive] encourages us to do what we want For the story we want to tell, he explains. In addition, it also ensures that in those 15-18 hours we will find a story with rhythm and that there is no filling, in relation to the duration, since did not want to fall into the error of making something longer than the necessary.

Hugo takes command

If you played the first installment, you will know that Hugo stars in a very marked evolution during the title, due to his participation in the history and condition he suffered. On this occion, his prominence will be even greater, because he now exercises total control over the gift he possesses . In Meditation we have already had the opportunity to try the game; In this link we tell you our first impressions.

A plague tale: Requiem will go on sale on October 18 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. In addition, the game is included in Xbox Game Ps for console . The title h Ctellano dubbing, unlike its predecessor.

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