Its easy to play on the royal road- Diofield Chronicle is the best domestic RTS for genre introductory editions

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, Bankers released on September 22, 2022 (Steam is September 23, 2022) and Square Enix developed PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch Introducing RTS Airfield Chronicle .

What is Airfield Chronicle?

RTS, it takes a step ahead of the opponent in the situation that changes every moment, sometimes reads a mistake in the other party’s psychology, and makes a weak point. A game for a justice. I am very excited now. Because I love RTS. When I was in elementary and junior high school, I was just playing the age of empires series.

Unfortunately, RTS is a genre that RTS is rarely seen in Japan. However, the reality is that there are very few Japanese games that have grown to the series. On the other hand, if you look abroad, Walk ruff series, Star Craft series, and TOTAL WAR series Hearts of IRON It is a popular genre with various famous titles, such as the series and the HOMEWORK series.

In such a situation, a domestic RTS appears. That’s a new IP, and this is a must-buy as an RTS lover because Sudden in the world puts the news in a tag with Bankers. It depends on the haste wish list.

So, this time, we will introduce RTS, RTS, developed by Bankers and Square Enix. If you look at the official website, the world view is a well-known royal road style, and the graphics are beautiful and flashy modern construction. Is there a total of four kinds of pity, and is its simplicity still a desire to play ease of play?

In the country of RTS, I would like to take a closer look as a new star’s ability that appeared in a relatively rare genre, as one of the RTS lovers.

Approach the actual content of Airfield Chronicle !

First, from the annual options. This game uses Unreal Engine. Yeah, there are many games made by UNREAL ENGINE recently. And I was surprised to find a certain item. Light training, FSR and Less. Isn’t Less especially the new Intel Grab feature? By the way, my PC is a combination of RTX3070TI with Ry zen 7 5800X. So I’ll try Light Train later.

Next is the difficulty setting for brightness adjustment. … I’m kind if you tell me what will change for each difficulty level. If you have an item or event that is not collected, you will really want to cry.

And I want to go to the game, but here’s a light explanation of the story. This is a good thing that is well kneaded. As expected, should I say that the face of the Logo Sudden?

The stage of this work is Airfield Island, which floats in the waters of the Rout ail continent swaying in the war. This island, which is governed by the Kingdom of Tina, literally on the other side of the continent’s opposition. The war on the Rout ail continent begins when a former bandit’s former bandit Norbert Nubia has launched a country on the continent. Eventually, Sch via became the first emperor, and the country he launched also pretended to be the Sch via Empire. He used control of the control and modern magic to control and control the surrounding countries with the momentum of bamboo.

In response to this situation, the surrounding countries formed the Rout ail Union, but they lost consecutively. It was a situation where the territory was cut off by repeatedly defeated. However, when the Versa Federation participated in the Allied Federation, the situation was stalled.

Here is the focus on Airfield Island. Modern magic, which is the driving force of the strength of the Sch via Empire, this is a general-purpose magic that is different from the ancient magic, which could be used only by the quality. And since Jade, an underground resource essential for its activation, is sleeping abundantly on Airfield Island, the Kingdom of Tina is being involved in the war on the opposite bank.

However, the Kingdom of Tina is not a monolithic rock. A monastery of the royal government, consisting of ten-aged elderly. With their former seniors behind, the nobles of the kingdom are still in a fierce competition to create factions. Indeed, this situation of external dexterity, what happens to the kingdom?

Now, in such a time, the game starts with a tense cut scene. A carriage running on a forest path and a cavalry following it. Riding a carriage is one woman with intelligent secretary, an intelligent secretary. However, the carriage caused an accident on the rough road surface and stopped, and the momentum was fainted, and it was in a desperate struggle. And a spear cavalry rushed there, a sword shield soldier and a dagger. The pursuers who are destroyed in front of the three people who are accustomed to the battle.

Good, blood splashes from the cut enemies. It is a quaint depiction, but it is delicious. As a writer, I think that flashy effects are also exhilarating, but if you keep watching it, you’re a little tired. He is also flashy, such as losing himself and the enemy.

The battle part starts after the light cut scene. Victory conditions and defeat conditions are displayed.

The battle is RTS, and movement and attacks proceed in real time. When you enter the enemy’s field of view, you will come here, so you will catch it and destroy each 1. The visibility is narrow on the back side, so you can go around and surprise the back attack.


Characters have the numbers of HP, EP, and TP, HP has the physical strength of the character, EP is necessary for activating skills, and TP is equivalent to a powerful special move. It is a resource necessary for the activation of Glitter ball. Many skills induce various status abnormalities, which are effective in many situations, such as hindering or knock backing enemy skills. However, there is a cool time for each activation, so if you use it on the tone, it may be unusable in case of emergency.

In addition, the skill is not so high because the skill is activated immediately and the time stops when the action is selected.

For the time being, it is a tutorial, so clear it quickly.

It was Miss Lorain Lucia, an intelligent glass, who was riding a carriage. The three who are expected to be a mercenary will be invited by the Senate to the private Knights of William Hence in one seat.

These knights have belonged to the protagonists, but they are one of the growth factors in this game. The quest clears the various ranks, and the elements are unlocked for each certain rank.

If you proceed a little, the number of friends will increase due to Long hair (sniper), a young lady (magic soldier) and a ton-ton beat. … By the way, the young lady, could you stop muttering that you’ve broken in a battle voice or something that doesn’t matter.

Such games also have a must-have map gimmick. The tower can be secured by occupying it by occupying it, or a gunpowder DAL that explodes flashy after a certain period of time when attacked. By the way, you have to select a character after selecting a character to activate these map gimmicks. Just being within a certain range does not progress.

If you defeat the enemy, various fragments will appear with a certain probability. When acquired, HP, EP, TP, etc. are items that recover. However, the judgment is a little subtle, and when you move in a column, you often get through the gaps in the line. When I slip through in the last minute, I shouted in my heart, Raise your hand a little more!

Character training includes the ability to enhance the ability of each character using AP that can be obtained at the time of level up, and enhance the ability to use SPS that can be obtained by clearing missions. In addition, passive skills and active skills are set for each weapon, so the point is that it is not simply an attack power. In particular, there are some super-powerful characters such as automatic recovery and FP recovery when attacking, especially for character-specific abilities.

The battle part progresses at a crisp and light tempo. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes per stage. There are functions such as 1.5 times and 2x speed, so it is comfortable to play. In addition, the preparation part before the battle starts has a menu that can be easily reached to the required screen, and the overall ease of playing is impressive.

The graphics are also modern. However, if you enable the above-mentioned late training, sometimes you will get a rough and rough noise, and you may think, Is it a really necessary function? In addition, the character model at the base part feels strange somewhere. Is it somewhere or floating? Isn’t 2D enough even if it’s not 3D?

And a scenario. I personally like this because I personally do it. Because it is under the war, there are many dead people, but it is very pale. I died in an arrow during my mission. Death as an enemy’s attack or a hunter’s flow arrow. There are rumors that the religious powers are exciting. Personally, it looks like a war record, but there are some opinions that honestly digging is shallow. There are few entanglement others than the main character.

Finally, the volume is a shortage. There are four types of military departments, differentiating by weapons, but in fact about 9 types. In addition, there are up to four battle parts, four main and four deputy officers, and the enemies are far from a large-scale battle, albeit with wavy attacks. Where are those soldiers who are screaming behind in the cut scene?

It is a very easy-to-play work if you describe it overall. It is recommended as an introductory edition for beginners of RTS. However, there are some unsatisfactory parts and coarseness for full-fledged RTS experienced people, so I would like to expect the sequel.

Title: Airfield Chronicle

Compatible models: PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch

Play model in the article: PC

Price: 7,678 yen

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