Emerald locations Disney Dreamlight Walley

The emerald is one of many precious stones that can be obtained from stones in the Dilute Disney Valley. Unfortunately, finding it is not so simple.

The ability to farm emerald appears for himself much later in the game. This guide will help you find and process as many emeralds as possible in Disney Dream light Valley.

where to get emeralds in Disney Dream light Valley

The emerald is not found in any breed that can be obtained in the valley. You need to unlock the biomass Poland of trust and the forest of valor farm emeralds. These are the only two BIOS in Disney Dream light Valley, where you can get emerald.

Of these, we recommend that you first unlock Forest of Valor. The reason is that the meadow is blocked by many mushrooms, and their clearing is almost eternity. You also encounter several obstacles to unlock the forest of valor, but they are nowhere so complex compared to unlocking the meadow of trust.

You need to farm stones in these biomes to get emeralds. As with all precious stones, if it is difficult for you to find emeralds, you should bring with you a friend who has an act of mineral mining to increase the chance to find an emerald.

All the stones that you have obtained are revived in five minutes, so you can continue to farm these stones if you manage to find a good route for the farm.

Use of emeralds

Emeralds are very valuable and can be sold at a very high price. You can sell one ordinary emerald version for 325-star coins . If you find shiny emerald , you can sell it for 1300-Star Coins. This makes the emerald very welcome.

Emeralds can also be used as gifts to increase the level of friendship with various characters in Disney Dream light Valley. Some recipes also include emerald as one of the ingredients, so it is better to have several emeralds with you.

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