Connect the enemies by connecting sins- A video introducing the Limbus Company battle system is released [TGS2022]

Project Moon has released a battle system introduction video of Limbs Company scheduled to be released in the winter of 2022.

Limbs Company is an RPG that shares the same world view as Lobotomy Corporation of Project Moon and the sequel Library of Rooney .

In the battle, the battle will start with five characters directly related to battle and seven characters in charge of supporting the assistance effect.

On the battle screen, the skill icon at the bottom of the screen is connected to connect to the action, and at this time, if you select the same color of the same color for two consecutive times, it will cause major damage to guilt resonance. It will be in a complete resonance state.

On the other hand, you can acquire attribute resources according to the skills used, and by consuming this, you can activate the E.G.O Skill, a powerful technique.

It is a strategic combat system that sticks to the same color aiming for large damage or mixed multicolor with a large technique.

However, this E.G.O Skill is also a must-have for some mental strength, on the contrary, E.G.O is eroded by E.G.O, and it may not be possible to control a powerful attack.

In addition, there are three types of attack skills: slashing, penetration, and hitting, which is an important tactic to hit the enemy’s weaknesses.

In this work, the fantasy that appeared in Lobotomy Corporation appears as a boss.

In Lobotomy Corporation , it is a fantasy that was a fantastic body that suffered from the manager who was a player and gave it a benefit, but in this work, it will stand in front of the player as a powerful boss. Increase.

The fantasy is composed of multiple parts, and the attack site can be selected when using the skill. By continuing the attack, the part can be destroyed, and the enemy can be weakened at once.


Unlike AKO enemies, the fantasy attacks are given attributes, and depending on the character’s resistance, it may suffer severe damage. At this time, the use of E.G.O, which considers the compatibility with the enemy, is important because the character can obtain corresponding attribute resistance by using E.G.O.

Also, in the battle with the fantasy, an event may occur on the way and special judgment may occur. Depending on the results, this event, which works for advantage and disadvantage, is a unique system that makes fantasy fighting more special.

Limbs Company , which features a complex but advanced strategic combat system, will be distributed in the winter of 2022.

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