Where to find a guy in a jacket

As soon as the player meets Clementine, she will tell about her ally. His name is Blazer, he wears a brown leather bomb on a gold chain.

According to Clementine, Blazer will help us to quietly penetrate the neutrch against the factory. However, Clementine does not reveal its exact location. Therefore, players must find it themselves.

It is necessary to find it in order to advance on the plot. The main metropolis in the game is not so big. Therefore, you can find it by simply wandering around the city and talking with everyone you meet. In this guide, we will save you a little time and tell you the exact location of the guy in a bomber with a gold chain in the old.


guy in a jacket-bomb with a gold chain

To find a guy in a bomber jacket and with a gold chain, leave the nightclub and cross the street. On the other side of the street there is a lane. Go along this lane and continue to go until you reach the intersection. Blazer can be found here, he is waiting for you while you read the newspaper.

This lane is the second that you will encounter if you go to Midtown after leaving the elevator. Please note: if you find Blayser before this quest, he will tell you to leave it al1. If you took the quest from Clementine, Blazer will be much more respectful.

After talking with him, he will ask you to help him find a disguise so that he can help you get to the factory of some. This disguise includes two parts: a working helmet and a vest. Having found them, you will be ready to penetrate the NECO factory.

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