When were casinos legalized in Spain?

The big show of Spanish citizens is put into practice with the best entertainment of online casinos in Spain full time.

This leisure segment brings out a genuine pride for the country both physical and virtual. In this way, Spain leads one of the nations where skill and playful evolution are prioritized, we tell you more about it.

Road to legality


The 70s was a significant watershed in entertainment in Spain. The legalization of bets and challenges of chance, forged new times of emotions.

Notwithstanding that, the Loteries sector already worked normally throughout the Spanish territory, the advent of bets and regulation of these as a lawful circuit, began to expand tourism in Spain.

After times of deep darkness with the Franco dictatorship, enjoyment began to alternate the various leisure modalities available for all those residents and visitors.

Online legalization

It was not until the end of 2011 when Spain regulated the activity of online gambling with the necessary consent to issue the first license around mid-2012. However, what happened, only in 2014 the online slot machines are attached to the excursion of the excursion of the leisure.

The regulations for the legalization of play in Spain also deals with issues related to tax supervision but also in the internal controls of the relevant games and audits. In the same orbit, the Manda establishes priorities about advertising and all the promotion of chance online games.

In this period, this new Divertimento niche is established at the national level. Subsequently, concessions and licenses are distributed so that many interested parties could feel part of the attraction, becoming operators of a majestic options market in the universe of the bidders.

Thus, before the end of 2012, there were more than two million virtual bets throughout Spain with thousands of users.

Today, the market proposes various options and scenarios that revolve around these popular bets:

Bingo Online : A classic that never goes out of style. In digital version, Bingo leaves in Spain more than 6 million euros a year.

Sports bets online : In an upward trend, sports bets reach their record of participants in a World Cup year with income for more than 70 million euros. The possibility of visualizing matches and competencies always simultaneously of bets, and with permanent technical assistance to the client, enhances much more dynamics and gives these bets solidly legal.

Traditional chance and entertainment : The emotion raised with the Blackjack phenomenon, roulette, baccarat, open their arms to the wide audience of faithful consumers.

Currently, thanks to the legalization of online casinos, there are multiple ideal options to make the best moves and marvel at fabulous results in a country where adequate conditions are given for financial investment and online entertainment show.

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