The special edition of The Last of Us Part I is damaged

_ The last of us part i is now available worldwide. Together with the normal edition of $ 70, all users have also had the opportunity to buy the Firefly Edition of $ 99 dollars, which can only be obtained in the PlayStation Direct store. However, players are not happy with this, since the packages they have received are damaged , and it seems that PlayStation has no intention of remedying this error.

During the last hours, several users have reported on social networks a series of problems with the Firefly Edition they have received by parcel. This edition includes a Steelbook, the first four comics of the American Dreams series, as well as a lot of skins and enhancers in the game. The content is not the problem, but the condition of the product, with many mentioning a bad treatment , broken or folded corners, destroyed plastic, and much more.

A particular user contacted PlayStation to solve this problem. However, instead of hearing that his $ 100 copy would be replaced, he discovered that PlayStation has no intention of remedying this error , instead, they only offer 20% discount on their next purchase. This was what he commented:


There are no replacements. They are shitting 20% discount on another game in their store. So essentially thanks for spending money! Now spend more money!

The problem that the public has indicated is that this edition can only be purchased directly with Sony, and there is no option to obtain a copy by Amazon or other stores, unless it is resale. For their part, PlayStation or Naughty Dog have not issued an official statement where they talk about this problem.

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Editor’s note:

This is a real disappointment for many people. For all collectors, paying $ 100 only for the package to come in bad conditions is worse than not receiving the game. We just hope that this does not cause resellers to take advantage of the situation.

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