Valorant: Leviathans roar resonates around the world after defeating Paper Rex in Champions

The action of the second day in the international contest of Valorant continues with great force to determine what teams fight in the next stage of the tournament, today the group A was closed and the action in group B began to search how the Equipment in the next phase, a LATAM team looking for the dream of getting again to be one of the largest in the world.

With two duels that seek to determine the squads that fight to excel in the second group we have loud against Zeta Division, both with international experience fought with great force in very intense maps but the power of the Brazilian samba managed to close with 2-0. On the other hand, Optic Gaming fights against Boom Esports leaving a very intense encounter from the first instances managing to extend to a third map that ends in favor of the North American team to advance to the next round.

LATAM Making him present


For the last game we have Leviathan against Paper Rex who closed group A, starting a map of Haven chosen by Latinos to seek pressure in the encounter with an adverse that manages to keep the Calm to the Levianeta to leave a 6-6, in the change of sides the attack becomes aggressive towards a Tacolilla that puts several casualties in its bag to be able to punish the opponents that causes the Latin squad to put The end in his favor with a 13-18.

In the second map we see bind selected by pr to seek to tie the series, starting with a Yoru selection for Forsken The Asian team shows the surprises to get several rounds but the sea dragon responds With a Kingg that does a great job to tie the encounter with a 6-6, to change roles we see the APAC team with great force showing a style that stops the opposites dry but * Shy * It is present in the game to define several important rounds that give the strength to the Levianeta to put a 13-11 that gives them the series.

Thus the games concluded on the second date of Valorant Champions , with a team of Leviathan that manages to dominate its two meetings to advance to the next phase with great force, on the other hand, we will have a rematch between Loud against Optic ** To determine which team will advance to be the second to move forward for the next stage of the tournament.

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