Super People, FBT starts October 11 Steam Early Access Beginning

The new FPS Battle Royale Game Super People has completed all tests for official service.

Game developer Wonder People said today that the FPS Battle Royale Game , which is developing, has finished the FBT with the hot interest of global gamers.

The Super People’s FBT, which was held at the global game service platform Steam for two weeks from August 17 to 31, has more than 1 million gamers from all over the world, including Korea, and more than 240,000 daily users..

In addition, following the last global CBT, it ranked No. 1 in the steam trend game during the final beta, and entered the top 20 of the steam user rankings. In addition, the global video broadcasting platform service Twitch was the only beta test game, not a formal game, and was located in the top 25 top audiences in August.

Wonder People improved the arsenal system and personal supply system in the Super People FBT, and reduced the TTK to reduce the stress of shooting and saved the strategy of the game.

There was also a high interest in the new competitive content, Super Tournament, which any player who participates in the test can easily participate. The Super Tournament, which was held at five servers every day with a daily prize of up to 100 million won, was also evaluated for taking advantage of the fun of seeing not only the players who participated as well as the participating players.

In addition, new contents such as the ‘Training Center’ system, which had a lot of requests from users during the last test, and the new class ‘Titan’, which were first introduced in the final beta, also received a good response from the testers.

Influencers responded positively to the new attempts of Super People.

Streamer Schrewood, which has more than 10 million twitch followers, has been praised for Super Tournament, which is provided every day, and SWAT’s ultimate seems to be really good. The overall game quality is high and the speed is high, so you can have fun, he said.

In addition, various domestic and international influencers such as Korea, Japan, and Thailand also showed that they enjoyed through broadcasting.

Meanwhile, after the FBT, developer live streaming was carried out. In the streaming of Jung So-rim announcer, Park Sung-gon, Ji Seung-cheol, head of the business team, and Lee Sun-ho’s e-sports team, participated in the final beta preparation, progress, and what to change in early access.

Wonder People announced on the basis of the user feedback from the FBT on October 11 that it will be able to access the Early access of Super People, and early access has no P2W element that affects the game.

In addition, the new character ‘Demolation’ was also released. Class Demolition, which destroys everything, fires a powerful grenade with a launcher, a bomb launcher mounted on the shoulder, and also has a blow skill that can secretly hit the enemy of a distance.

Wonder People Park Sung-gon said, This FBT was an important test to improve the insufficient part of the global CBT, which was held in December last year, and to showcase new content, including ‘Super Tournament’. Thank you to the users, and we will do our best to find the opinions and feedback you have sent and will be able to find it more advanced in early access on October 11.

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