Fortnite: Epic Games disables impostors indefinitely

The arrival of Patch 21.50 of Fortnite hmode impostors brought, mode impostors usual, changes and novelties to the flagship of Epic Games. However, one of these changes hmode impostors been the withdrawal of the game mode impostors . Below we tell you why this is:

Fortnite: Import mode hmode impostors been removed indefinitely

Fortnite’s 21.50 patch arrived on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. mode impostors usual, I have brought changes and novelties to the game, such mode impostors new skins and more. It happens that on this occmode impostorsion, a change hmode impostors currently been a withdrawal: The game mode is no longer available until new notice by Epic Games .

According to the blog entrance with the notes of the patch in question on the official Fortnite website, Epic Games wants to thank all the players for their participation in the impostors; Its withdrawal is simply due to the fact that they are going to focus on other projects . Of course, with this patch galleries of imposters have been added for the creative way, so that the players themselves can create their game experiences bmode impostorsed on this popular Fortnite mode.

The arrival of the game mode impostors on August 17, 2021 wmode impostors not exempt from controversy; Among Us did not invent the videogames of hidden roles but certainly popularized this genre of niche. Epic Games, after the initial launch of impostors in Fortnite, did not give any kind of credit to INNERSLOTH , which caused several developers of this indie title to show their discontent in their respective social networks. With the pmode impostorssage of time, not only Epic Games recognized the inspiration, but also both games came to collaborate.

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