YouTube: Game on Event – participating streamers and schedule

YouTube holds an event uniting the largest games with some of the most loud names in streaming. This promises the audience a way to play along, but the first step to the game or observation is to know when the event itself occurs and who is involved in it.

YouTube: Game about who and when

The premiere of Game on will take place 16: 00 in Eastern European time on August 27, 2022 . In addition, there is very little information about the event. Fortnite and Street Fighter 6 were briefly shown. Despite the lack of information, YouTube clearly hopes that this will be a big event due to cross-promotion, which is happening with developers and larger content creators.

participating streamers/Creators

  • Felipa Neto
  • Lorenzide
  • Marquilier
  • Ldshadowlady
  • Sean Evans
  • Muselk
  • Sendmen
  • Matporation

Saturday, when some of your favorite Youtube artists demonstrate their skills in game giants, such as Fortnite, will certainly become a hit. Will this be enough to reduce the number of Twitch views? Who knows? But, apparently, YouTube wants to have a greater impact on the streaming space.

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