LOL: 5 LEC (former LCS EU) teams of which we never remember

With the franchise system and the expensive entrance barrier, we have achieved greater stability. Since 2019, only one team has left: Schalke 04 gave way to Team BDS. Of course, everything indicates that we will have several new teams next season. Team Heretics will enter LEC instead of Gaming Misfits , and it seems that Koi would have everything closed to acquire the Plaza de Rogue .

On the other hand, if we go back to the time of the LCS EU where there were changes as a result of promotion and descent, certain organizations only had a small stage. Ancient residents of the European elite have now fallen into total oblivion. To test our point, who remembers these five organizations that belonged to the highest European level?

Mysterious Monkeys, a team full of mysteries

Splits: 1 (2018) _
Highest clasification: 5 of 5_
_ Notable Jugators: Kikis, Amazing, Yuuki60_

With just a split in the great European League, it is not surprising to see this team go into oblivion. And it is not for less, because it arrived with rebound. Gaming Misfits He saw his team from the Challengers Series ascend to his Challengers . And as the same organization could not have two teams in the European elite, the mysterious monkeys stayed with that position. It also coincided with a dark phase of the competition.

Mysterious Monkey Maybe it should have remained at the German national level. In LCS EU, the results were catastrophic with 2 wins and 11 losses. Subsequently, the organization changed its name to ad hoc gaming that remained in Prime League before leaving its space at Wave Esports .

Team AAA, the best always go first

Splits: 1 (2013) _
_It position: 5/6 of 8

_ Notable Jugators: Shlaya, Nono, Dioud_

Against All Authority, abbreviated as AAA , is today a website of eSports. However, there was a time when the organization had eSports teams and within League of Legends, it had great adventures at the beginning of the scene. AAA participated in the world of season 1 and the team even reached the final, losing 1-2 against Fnatic.

In the European elite, the organization was also present at the first Split of the EU EU in 2013. Unfortunately, at that time the last 4 of the League (half of the participants) were sent to the promotion tournament. The French team took a 0-3 against Sinners Never Sleep , the futures Lemondogs of Nukeduck. Thus ended the history of the team in the European elite, after a very short prologue.

Then we saw AAA again in the French scene. He was at the beginning of the LFL in 2019, before leaving his place, due to lack of means.

Nip, the ninjas are to come

Splits: 2 (2013 and 2017) _
_Mejor Result: 6th of 8

_ Notable Jugators: Bjergsen, Nagne, Promisq_

NIP is undoubtedly a name that tells CS fans a lot: Go. In League of Legends he had two appearances with years apart in the highest category in Europe. However, both in 2013 and 2017, the results were disappointing and the ninjas never managed to establish themselves as an important team. On both occasions, the adventure ended the descent.

But a new adventure for Nip in LOL is going to be written. The structure has been associated with v5 in LPL and could well be reborn from its ashes. The name change has not yet occurred, but it should be soon.

Copenhagen Wolves, the pack did not endure

_Splits: 5 (2013-2015) _

Mejores Results: 5th/6 of 10
_ Notable Jugators: Bjergsen, Svenskeren, Forgiven, Airwaks, Woolite_

Copenhaguen Wolves has a somewhat special profile on our list. With 5 splits in the highest category, one could imagine that the Danish club would be famous among fans… especially because great players have gone through their ranks and because Denmark has always managed to get many talents. But in the end, the structure spent most of its history in the shadows. With limited resources and mediocre results, we imagine that, as Mysteros Monkeys, the youngest have never heard of this team.

It must be said that his last appearance in the LCS EU dates from 2015. After descending to the 2nd division, the structure gave its place to ner , which later stopped its activity in 2017.

Millenium (yes, we were a team)

Splits: 2 (2014) _
_Mejor Result: 6th of 8

_ Notable Jugators: Kev1, Kerp, Jree_

We could not do a top of the European elite teams fallen to oblivion without talking about Millenium . He joined the LCS in the spring of 2014 when buying Team Alternate and its template. The adventure lasted a year, although the team could have remained in LCS, but the team failed twice. First in the promotion tournament, losing in front of Unicorns of Love (2-3), and then in the expansion tournament, eliminated by Giants Gaming.

In France, and before the ERL model was created, Millenium achieved some good results.
The team also participated in the first EUM, reaching the quarterfinals.
But in 2018, the electronic sports section closed.

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