Saints-Row weapons as well as weapons

Saints Row may not have a dildo racket, but there are a number of different weapons and rifles that you can pick up and use to put an end to one of the gangs in the game. But how can you really make a weapon your own? Brunnen, Adjustment of the weapons of Saints Row I show.

And Volition really gave everything with this restart, so that you can do everything, from the adaptation of individual areas of your weapon to changing the shine or glossy of this weapon. This is transferred to all weapons, even some of the special weapons in the game.

This guideline gives you an overview of all possibilities on how you can give your weapons a personality Saints Row-Waffen adjustment .

Saints-Row weapons adjustment

There are a large number of weapon adjustment options in Saints Row Cover the following:

| Visueller mod **

| Material
| Weapon colors

| Surface options-shiny or metallic
| Weapons sticker

| weapon pattern
| weapon pattern color

| surface with weapon pattern-glossy or metallic
| Power-upgrades

| Signature skills **

Most of these options are visual, with weapon colors, surface options and patterns. There is a large selection of colors and options, and you can unlock even more if you complete missions, activities and tasks.

There is a complete RGB color selection for weapons, and visual mods are effectively transmog functions with which you can take over the design of another weapon. Patterns cover a small area of the weapon with a design and weapon patterns enable you to set a unique design or a rotation on a classic weapon.

Power upgrades are simple statistics boosts or changing the ammunition with armor-piercing rounds or the like, while signature are more abilities active perks. For example, a head shot with the last few rounds in a magazine fills it up again or a melee attack that slams on the floor and hurls enemies into the air.

Now you know how you have a weapon that really represents you and have an overview of the adaptation of Saints Row weapons. Be sure to read our collection of other instructions. We have tips on countless aspects of the game in our exemplary approach and some recommendations for the best weapons in Saints Row.

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