Genshin Impact in the Woods – Aranaka, part I

The farther to the forest is the local task that opens after the completion of Children of the Vimar village. This is the second part of the important Sumeru World Questline line called Araniaak: Part I is a meeting in the forest , which describes the history of mysterious fairies living in the tropical forests, and the secrets of maranes, anomalies, more known as wilting. Before starting this local task, be sure to prepare a combat-ready team, since along the way you have to take part in several battles.

How to unlock the world task Into the Woods Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact


To unlock this local task, you first need to complete the archont’s task, chapter III: Act I-through fogs of smoke and dark forests. To the part where you say goodbye to a knee and leave Gandharva Villa. As soon as this is done, you will unlock the children of the village of Vimara, the first part of the quest line of Araniaaki. Complete it to automatically unlock into the forest.

How to complete the world task Into the Woods Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

After a conversation with the wound in the previous segment, the following local task entitled to the Forest will begin. Here you need to help the wound. Clean the two zones of wilting . Just follow the quest marker and clean the anomalies in the same way as you did it before. After both zones of wilting are cleaned, follow the wound in the swampy area full of spico-codils . Defeat them to move on to the next stage of the quest.

You need to collect three firewood from luminous research spots around the area allocated on a mini-card. Their exact location is shown by blue arrows in the image above. The first is hidden behind the bushes, the second-behind the Harra Fruit shrub, and the third is under the Sunsettia tree. Bring them all the wounds to start dialogue. As soon as this is done, return to the village of Vimara to complete the local task.


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