What could only be enjoyed at the local venue of the Fate/Grand Order festival? I thought locally the meaning of going to an off -event in this big online era

The real event Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Fate/Grand Order Fes. It was held at the exhibition hall. It was held as the number of new Coronavirus infected people were increasing every day, but many masters (names for players in FGO work, turn around players) gathered, and the venue is enthusiastic. It was in.

By the way, the highlight of the FGO festival is definitely a stage event. In this FGO festival, voice actors, development staff who brought their lives into characters by voice, and Mr. Kanoyuki, the 2nd development director, appeared, and a brilliant stage event was being held. The reading drama FGO THE DRAMALOGUE-AValon Le Fe- in Chapter 6 and the Caldea Broadcasting Station 7th Anniversary SP, which announced the implementation of Alcade, was greatly excited, including on the Internet. I think. However, most of the stage events are distributed live on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. In addition, the contents of the attraction World Exhibition with Servant-Re: Collection- are also published in video format, and it is no exaggeration to say that half of the FGO festivals can be experienced online. Most content online is, of course, good, but is it worth visiting the locals? This time, I went to Makuhari Messe on July 30, so let’s deliver the contents.

Sallsbury Tavern

I arrived at Makuhari Messe around 11:00. Two hours have already passed since the festival began, so a large number of masters had already gathered in the venue, and a long line was formed everywhere. Meanwhile, World Exhibition with Servant-Re: Collection- was an attraction that was relatively easy to see. Nevertheless, if I was lined up, the waiting time was about 40 to 50 minutes, would the congestion at the venue be conveyed?

According to the official explanation, World Exhibition with Servant-Re: Collection- is an attraction surrounding each area in the world where Caldea visited in Part 2 with a servant dressed in a down-down costume. ing. When you actually enter the world exhibition, the rooms are divided for each area such as Russia and China, and the panels of the servants drawn by illustrations drawn are exhibited. By further flowing the voice there, the surroundings of the world with servants were expressed. In addition, some areas, including India, were a mini theater-style exhibition, and basically the same video was flowing online.

Comparing local experiences with online videos, you can simply say that there were panels and backgrounds. However, the experience of sharing enthusiasm and excitement with other masters was unique to the local area. What I personally remember is the Lostbelt No.4 world exhibition, where some of the most popular servants are ridors of resistance. A laughing voice was raised at the venue in the appearance of a resaginance, who arrived in India, selling suspicious spices at an exquisite price of about 10,000 QP. At the venue, I think that the exaltation of the unknown that I did not know what was waiting for the next room was refined the experience.

Another thing, World Exhibition with Servant-Re: Collection- was divided into two, but at the end of Lostbelt No.4 to 6, an exhibition with the theme of 2 copies 6 was prepared. 。 The point that the panel and voices express the world of servants, is the same. However, the exhibition of Chapter 6 of Chapter 2 was set up with a large number of character panels in the elaborate interior reminiscent of the Sallsbury bar. Unlike other areas, such as Da Vinci-chan, microphone, red rabbit horses and fairies, it was an exhibition that recalls the contents of Chapter and 6 of 2 copies. When entering the bar, it is also impressive that CryPter Peperoncino jumped into the field of view first. As one of the masters who destroyed emotions in Chapter 6, Chapter 6, there was something that came up a little. I guess it was a good look with a little production.

Memorial of the festival

Next, let’s touch on the content of the venue-only content. In the Storm Border Theater, special images were screened in a mini theater inspired by the storm border ship. Although the contents cannot be touched deeply, the contents of the second section and 6 chapters are also struck here as well as the directing of light and sound, as well as the content of the 2nd and 6th chapters. In this FGO festival, I feel like I was beaten in Chapter and 6 of the second division wherever I went. Perhaps because the number of seats is limited, it is a reservation system with numbered tickets, and the participation of the author is almost full. Before the screening, Captain Nemo’s announcement was flowing. The video shown in his storm border theater in the FGO Fes version was partially updated from AnimeJapan 2022.

As for the venue-only attractions, the Her Spirit Summon Photo Studio, which allows you to take pictures together by choosing a hero, was also a great success. The columns are divided into two in the middle of the servant class to shoot, and the waiting time is about 100 minutes for the three knights+EXTRA class, and the four knight+EXTRA class is about 80 minutes. There is a wide range of EXTRA classes, but the three knights are Altere Ego/Avenger/Four Liner/Ruler. The four knights contained a sealer/mooncancer/plitender. Most EXTRA classes were on the three knights. I chose the four knights, so it was shorter than the three knights, but the waiting time was still long. However, the waiting line of the hero summoning photo studio was in a position where the stage could be seen halfway, and it was not boring because the stage event could be viewed in the distance.

Her Spirit Summon Photo Studio is an attraction that allows you to take pictures for free with the selected servant. In the photo, in addition to the standing picture of yourself and the servant, the 7th anniversary logo is also posted. In addition to printing photos on the spot, the image data taken can be downloaded for 7 days from the URL or QR code. This is the only thing that can only be taken. However, FGO Festival is a festival where the masters gather, and there is no doubt that photos will be memorable. I think the act of choosing somebody and taking pictures was a memorial.

Kano-san is very popular

In the venue of the FGO Festival, a large Kernunnos sitting in the center also had a presence. A huge body that is difficult to put the whole in a photo. A light that illuminates a large white body from below. At first glance, the huge Kernunnos, like a loose character, was described as a god, not just Fumofu.

Also, in connection with Kernunnos, we will have to talk about Part 2 development director Kanoyoshiki. You may wonder what the relationship is, but in this FGO festival venue, some stickers were distributed by Mr. Kanoyoshi and Buster Ishikura. The location of the sticker distribution was around Kernunnos. I didn’t know the detailed distribution because I saw the line but did not line up, but it seems that the masters were distributed with conversations, such as asking a little question to Kanoyoshiki. In the FGO information program, it was very popular because the familiar director was directly called out.

In addition, there were many detailed attractions in the venue, such as stamp rally with prizes and related goods, historical chronology of FGO and treasure exhibitions. Unfortunately, I was worried about what kind of taste of Oberon’s drinks in the food area of the food area, but unfortunately the waiting time was so long. The product sales corner was not visited at the venue because of the order and sale, but a numbered ticket was distributed, and it seems that it was possible to shop smoothly in time.

Stage event

Finally, let’s introduce the stage events. As seen in the distribution, voice actors and staff members were also on stage in this FGO Festival, and stage events were being held. The most exciting event was the last event each day. In the reading drama FGO THE DRAMALOGUE-AValon Le Fe- held on the 30th, the memories of Chapter and 6 of the second division have revived emotionally by the delicate acting of voice actors. On the 31st, Caldea Broadcasting Station 7th Anniversary SP + 7th Anniversary Special Live-Re: Collection of AVALON LE FAE- was overwhelmed by a lot of information, including the implementation of Alkuid and the Mash’s Melbra. In particular, if you have played Chapter 6 and 6 in Chapter 6 and 6, we recommend watching the archive released on YouTube the other day. The emotions will be destroyed again as a beautiful hell.

As I said at the beginning, the highlight of FGO Festival seems to be definitely a stage event. However, the content of the stage events is mostly broadcast live, so there is no significant difference between the venue and the content found online. In this FGO Festival, due to the time, we moved in the intense heat to visit the venue, and faced the risk of infection of the new Coronavirus. For stage events only, watching the distribution in a quiet room alone is one of the ways to enjoy the FGO Festival as much as possible.

However, when I actually experienced it at the venue, not all of the stage events were seen in the distribution. First of all, there is a production unique to the venue. When the video flows in the venue, the impression of the light using lights was also applied, and the impression was a little different from seeing it on the screen. It has already been open to the public, but it is also characteristic that there were images that were published only for the venue. Another, the venue could share the air on the spot with other masters. Dotomaki and cheers when new information was announced. I was able to enjoy the time to be shaken by the voice actors’ performance with other masters. There is a risk in sharing the air, but at the same time, the excitement and enthusiasm were shared. The festival feeling of the venue is also a real pleasure unique to the festival.

FGO festival

Various content, including stage events, is also distributed online, and it is not bad to watch the broadcast at home. On the other hand, the venue had offline expressions and content, and a large number of masters gathered to share surprise and joy on the spot. In the participation, as the theme of Chapter 6 of the second division is the theme this time, you will not be able to taste everything unless you always follow FGO, but if you have cleared the premise quest, you can participate. Isn’t that good? This time, FGO Festival was a summer festival of FGO that makes me think like that.

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