Gyeonggi -do, Resource Bank Game Resources Competition

Provided by Data-Korean D game Association

The Gyeonggi-do and the Korean D-Game Association announced on the 22nd that they will hold the 2022 Gyeonggi-do Resource Bank Game Resource Contest for developers who have difficulty in supplying resources for games.

Through this competition, we will expand the grass of the game resources for domestic game developers and developers, and distribute this resource for free through the sharing platform ‘Resource Bank’ so that anyone can use it.

This contest is available only to trainees of educational institutions and universities with locations in Gyeonggi-do, and will be accepted until 18:00 on October 25 (Tuesday). The selected works will be awarded 1.5 million won (1 person), 700,000 won (2 people) each, and 300,000 won (3 people) each.

To apply, please join the official resource bank website, receive the application documents, proceed with the mail, and upload the manufactured resources directly for the application method. For more information, please check the resource bank site announcement.

The screening will be conducted twice in the first document screening and the second expert screening, and the resources produced through the contest will be uploaded to the resource bank and will be distributed free of charge.

For other inquiries related to the resource bank and this contest, please contact the Korean D-Game Association Secretariat ([email protected]).

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