Park Yun -gyu, Vice Minister of Cable TV Innovation.

Vice Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Park Yun-gyu said at the Cable TV Representative Meeting, I have to go through the difficult process, but there must be an innovative effort within the industry. I will take the direction of supporting.

Park Yun-gyu listened to the opinions of major MSOs and individual SO representatives at the cable TV industry policy meeting held at Jeju Maison Red Hotel on the 19th and promised to present a new policy direction.

After completing the IP cable TV transmission and Wi-Fi 6E demonstration at KCTV Jeju Broadcasting, the meeting was held as a place to share the current issues and difficulties in the paid broadcasting industry at the request of the cable TV industry.

■ So, local ICT platform orientation

On this day, representatives of cable TV delivered suggestions for regulatory innovation plans for local specialized ICT projects along with difficulties in the consuming competitive environment in the pay-TV market.

Lee Yeon-un, chairman of the Korea Cable TV Broadcasting Association, said, We are deeply grateful for the government’s efforts to innovate technology neutrality regulation. In order to make a fruitful policy, it is expanding its autonomy in product autonomy, expanding regional channels through anti-fund funds and tax support. I would like to ask you to introduce a virtuous cycle of pay broadcasting by introducing the prohibition of cash prizes.

Chairman Lee explained, We have been looking at Japan’s digital city national planning projects, and we are seeking cable TV operators as important cooperative partners as the central government and local governments have carried out the digital conversion projects in the community..

I am convinced that domestic SOs are also aiming for a platform that provides a variety of local communities as well as video with digital cutting-edge technology, and that it will be helpful for regional balanced development. As it is the only platform, we plan to cooperate with the government’s efforts to promote digital conversion nationwide.

■ It is difficult to overcome the starting market market

Cable TV representatives have raised a large number of IPTV operators as their main difficulties. In terms of profitability, the departure of subscribers due to prizes is accelerated, and the deterioration of profitability is being trapped in a vicious cycle leading to the difficulty of net investment.

In other words, revenue means to make the difficulties in which expenditures are increasing to decrease.

There was also a suggestion to prepare a place for communication. According to the company’s size and strategy, the government will preside over the cable TV industry, as well as a telecommunications company that operates IPTVs, and the government will preside over the concerns of the entire paid broadcasting.

In addition, the ICT project promoted by each SO has been requested for support measures by the Ministry of Science and Technology, considering the characteristics of local operators. There was also an opinion on the policy approach according to the size of the business owner rather than the dichotomy of the paid broadcasting method. In addition, the necessity of special law support for SO regional channels was also proposed as a plan to strengthen regionality.

Government officials who participated in the meeting cited this as a task to consider the direction of increasing the value of subscribers rather than increasing the number of subscribers and to restore the value of investment in cable TV transmission networks.

■ Cable TV Policy Direction Requests

Park said, The difficulties that (cable TV) are experiencing have a structural aspect, and we need to think about the innovative way. I was lucky.

We are focusing on and promoting the parts related to local channels and small and medium-sized SOs, he said.

Park also said, The big framework I’m thinking about is competing with a business that is not regulated like OTT. I will look for ways to help investments.

He said, We will review the opinions that we given on cable TV today and promote the place where the industry representatives and ministers exchange opinions.

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