Vampire Survivors latest Apde distribution. A flashy new character appeared, and the developer insisted as the last large apde before the official release

On August 19, the developer PONCLE has launched a patch 0.11.100, which is the latest update, Vampire Survivors overlooked. New characters will participate, and two new weapons (including evolution) will appear. One kind of new Arkana and eight Spells (cheats) were also implemented.

Vampire Survivors is a Steam and a viewpoint action game under early access distribution. It has gained popularity for elements such as 300 yen low price, easy and crazy game play, and frequent updates. This work has been brushed up in anticipation of an early access distribution period for one year since its launch on December 17 last year. The patch 0.11.100 distributed this time will be the last major update ahead of the official release.

The highlight of this update is the implementation of the new character, Queen Sigma. The character also offers a elaborate trailer video, which is the first time in this work. If you check the video, you can see the standing picture of the character that emits the power worthy of the Queen’s name. However, it is a dot picture in the game. There are also scenes where the trailer seems to use the new weapon Victory Sword and its evolution Sole Solution. You should check the actual comfort in the game.

Other elements were added to Spells, the official cheat function. The specific list is described at the end of this paper to prevent spoilers. The new Arcana, Divine Bloodline, was also implemented. If you compare it with this work roadmap, the planned update elements will be left only for one Arcana.

Before the official release, the last large update was distributed. However, the only thing that cannot be careless is the update of this work. For example, the number of implemented characters up to the official release, which was scheduled for the initial road map of this work, is 24. On the other hand, the current number of characters, including the Queen Sigma this time, is 37, greatly exceeding the schedule. It deviates from the plan and too much content. The developer also suggests further surprise elements to the official release. In addition, according to past announcements, this work is also developing the renewal of the game engine itself. The scheduled early access distribution period is about 4 months left until the first anniversary of this work release. It seems better to think that there are various developments until then.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS is being distributed early on Steam, and the price is 300 yen including tax. It is also distributed for PC GAME PASS. The detailed list of Spells added this time is described below.


  • FlyMetothemoon: Pugnala Provola
  • Feldschlacht: Poppea Pecorina
  • WaitReaction: Iguana Gallo Valletto
  • QUANDOLODICELUI: Divano Thelma


  • Leremita: IX-Divine Bloodline

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