Possible from base level 100, two additional rag fantasy experience books

Gravity updated two new book series in Ragnarok on the 17th.

The fantasy experience is a game series in the game published by VR-Books, a private publisher under the Rune-Mid Gatsu Royal Library. As the first series, ‘Geum Soo-ae wants to live quietly’, ‘A scientist’s escape record’, ‘Elena Voloba, its great fireworks’, and ‘ornamental plant (practical) that everyone can easily grow.’

The second series, which was released this time, is a total of two works, ‘Raw Bob 1’, which deals with everyday Siren Windsor’s Hwigel Recreation, and ‘Growing Dreaming Poring’s Angeling’, which fosters poring in a virtual reality poring tera.


Both works can be experienced through the VR-BOOK in the Fantasy Experience in the east library of the Frontera from Base Level 100. If you read the series, you can earn one experience, one fantasy book bookmark, and one fantasy commemorative card.

The fantasy book bookmarks can be used in the work of the traveler’s monument in the work, and if you use it for the contents of the table of ink, you can move in a specific order of the completely read work. The fantasy commemorative card can be exchanged for the main character buff card, character mini, and items at the souvenir stand on the east of Frontera.

At the same time, the Barmund Bio Spear Dungeon, which can acquire high-performance equipment, has been reorganized. The difficulty level was adjusted by raising the basic stats including monster HP, and the experience that can be obtained when killing monsters has been raised. Admission levels have also been changed to base level 240. In addition, Barmund Rune equipment upgrades, some fields and dungeon balance adjustments, and damage display change systems.

For more information, please visit Ragnarok’s official website.

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