Multiversus reveals two new characters by accident

Without a doubt, a video game that has caught attention is lately Multiversus , crossover of different Warner Bros franchises. Where the most iconic characters go out to distribute blows in the style of Smash . And now, on the eve of the first season, it seems that the people themselves in charge of spreading news revealed two characters by mistake.

Before time, a series of images was released in which you can see screenshots of the game, but also promotional posters of the game where the entrance for Black Adam and Stripe (Gremlins) is explicitly confirmed. For now, there is no news of their official incursions, but they are likely to do it later than Morty of Rick & Morty .

And here is the highest quality version of the image of Black Adam and Stripe so far! #Multiversus

The leaks of characters in fighting games are not new, since it used to pass frequently with the inclusions of Super Smash Bros. Same that were given before the directs of Nintendo . With Multiversus it could happen the same, since now many users want to go to the competitive of this title that promises to be one of the best in its kind.

Remember that the first season of the game has already begun. It is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC .

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