How to hold a mafia family in Bitlife accountable

If you are trying to complete the Hunky Honeypot task in Bitlife, one of the goals/requirements is family for justice . Nevertheless, it may seem difficult to bring your family to justice, fortunately, this is not the way you know all the steps. Nevertheless, the first step to bringing your family to justice is to become confidential informant .

Having become a confidential informant, you must collect evidence against the members of your criminal clan to fill the scale of evidence. When the scale of evidence is filled, this will lead to condemnation of the members of your mafia family. When accusatory sentences are issued and arrested, this will complete the task of attract your family to justice in the testing Hunky Honeypot.

When collecting evidence, we recommend contacting the authorities in the criminal clan, for example, K godfather and various wounds, such as CAPO , captain , etc. However, the collection of evidence is not easy, the case is not easy. Since if you are unlucky, your gangstere comrades can blame you for rat. When you are accused of the fact that you are a rat, this can quickly lead to your death. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of being caught knocking as a confidential informant, increasing the level of relations with the members of your mafia.


We recommend that you make friends with all the highests in the family, give them gifts and spend time until you have an almost perfect relationship. This will force them to trust you more, and you can stir up on them without fear of being caught.

How to become a confidential informant in Bitlife

To become a confidential informant in Bitlife, you must first become a member of the mafia family. You can become a member of the Mafia family by finding a job in the Crime section. Special careers inside tab Work . In the section Crime you can choose the criminal clan of the mafia and try to join by choosing a method.

Depending on your experience of committing crimes, you can join any way. However, if the criminal family you are trying to join, has a bar with high famous , you have little chance of joining. Nevertheless, as soon as you join the family of the mafia, you can become a confidential informant by completing the events in Bitlife section.

How to collect evidence as a confidential informant in Bitlife

As soon as you become a confidential informant at Bitlife, you can collect evidence against your comrades in the mafia by clicking on their profile in the or lining of the mafia family **. On the tabs of their profile, you can collect evidence using the Snitch option marked with the pencil and notebook.

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