Fortnite X Dragon Ball: A detail shows that this crossover will break all records

As of August 16, Epic Games will invite Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and others to his star game, thanks to an exceptional crossover, which logically should be extended until the end of the current season. The association is making a lot of noise within the game community. The expectations are high and it is easy to see how this crossover could become the greatest in the history of BR .

Data miners Shiina and Firemonkey recently published an analysis of Fortnite X dbz’s teaser tweets, which shows how big the event is and how excited fans are.

The largest tweet in Fortnite


Shenron in a photo, an appointment, and that’s all. This little fortnite tweet became only 13 hours in the tweet I like in the history of the game (almost 280,000 likes and 35,000 retweets). This is far from being trivial, especially when considered The fact that Fortnite in the past has linked very important crossovers with other large franchises, such as avengers or Naruto.

However, it only took 13 hours for Fortnite X DBZ’s tweet teaser became more viral than Fortnite X Naruto (250,800 I like 48 hours). In short, we can say that Fortnite X Dragon Ball is the most anticipated collaboration in history .

It remains to be seen if the content of the game will continue! If Epic Games does not lose it with the skins and gestures of DBZ, the event should be synonymous with great income for the company.

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